We have all done it at some point.

Tomorrow. Another time. Next week.

We have put off until tomorrow what we know we must do today.

What have you been putting off doing?

What important things are you procrastinating dealing with?

We make excuses that sound reasonable.

We lie to ourselves.

We settle for our own seemingly rational mind games.

Yet, we must remember that nothing great was achieved by being reasonable or conforming to the status quo.

Gandhi didn’t.

Nelson Mandela didn’t.

Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t.

They were unreasonable in not listening to their fears or succumbing to their laziness.

Don’t let your fear or laziness highjack your dreams.

Your dreams have chosen you for a reason. You are the perfect person based on everything you have experienced in life to manifest it.

Any dream worthwhile will take work. Dedication. Discipline. Commitment. Consistent follow through.

And yet we often procrastinate in doing what we know we must.

We convince ourselves to do it in the future. Only to find that when that time comes your mind plays the same old games.

Putting off until tomorrow what must be done today won’t make it any easier. When you do what’s in front of you, you create more space within yourself to be present and powerfully productive in the moment.

What you take care of today, will affect your tomorrow. In the process, you become the person who is more ready to handle more of what you want.

Whenever you are playing a big game in life, you will be tested and challenged. This is part of the journey that will require you to rise above your limits, follow through and become the highest version of yourself.

The more you handle the small steps impeccably, the more the Universe will entrust you with the big rewards.

So if you want to change the world, a good place to start is by keeping your word with yourself. It’s a seemingly small action that leads to big results over time.

Why do we procrastinate?

– We are busy trying to be perfect and not make mistakes thinking that by not doing what we need to, we don’t have to face potential failure.

Avoiding failure is not a path to success. Success is not a straight line.

– We think that we will function best under pressure. When in fact leaving things until the last minute only causes more stress and anxiety. This usually leads to mistakes and not functioning at your highest level of potential.

– We get lazy and settle for the superficial immediate gratification of the moment. Acting on the fleeting whims of the moment is a great recipe for procrastinating. ¬†You must have a deeper commitment and purpose that motivates you. Otherwise it’s easy to not do what you know is needed just because you don’t feel like it.

Achieving your dreams, and living your full potential isn’t always easy. Which is why few people really do.

It requires the courage to face yourself, the commitment to go beyond your weaknesses, and the consistency in choosing to discipline yourself to do what you know is needed daily.


– Begin: The hardest part is often just starting. Commit and simply begin. The hardest part of meditating or exercising is to start! Or if it’s a project you have been putting off, give yourself a deadline for completion.

– Small steps: Break your tasks and action steps into simple manageable things you can do each day. In any big project or goal there are a lot of actions to take. This can be overwhelming, to the point you end up doing nothing. So focus on the one next action that is right in front of you.

– Stop multitasking. Cut out all distractions, and single focus your energies on what you need to do. You will get more done in less time.

– Observe: Observe your mind, and have a relationship with it. Just because a thought is in your mind telling you to “Do it tomorrow” doesn’t mean you should believe it.

If you listen to everything your mind tells you, you won’t reach your full potential or greatness.

– Reward: Reward yourself in healthy ways for the completion of your project. As well as finding ways to make the process fun and enjoyable along the way.

Each moment is an opportunity to choose your greatness.

Each time you exercise your choice and go beyond your limits, you become more powerful. Then it becomes easier to make the choice the next time.

Procrastination is one way that we avoid our magnificence and play small. The ego’s game is to postpone. To seek and never to find. This keeps the game going. Procrastinating is one strategy to avoid completion, and keep in the safe hiding zone of “searching”.

Choose your greatness. Give yourself permission to be amazing and shine.

There are no refunds on the time that you procrastinate. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever. So use it wisely.

Live each moment with no regrets.

What is it time for you to do?

What is life calling you to give, express, and step into?

You know.

There’s no more time to waste.

Your destiny is calling you.

It’s time.




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I created this journey for those that are ready to play big and manifest their visions.

P.P.S. I would love to hear about what actions you will commit to taking that you have been putting off. Please share in the comments below.

One comment on “How to Overcome Procrastination and Own Your Power

  1. Elena Levine on

    Procrastination: I hate procrastination. It’s extremely expensive, especially when it comes to paying a bill you just don’t want too. Late fees, penalties, bad credit rating, blah, blah, blah. Just do it. It takes longer to procrastinate, extending the time of whatever that is in your face to remain in your face. Get rid of it once and for all.

    I procrastinated losing weight because I loved food too much. My body didn’t reciprocate. To make a long story short, not until after I did enough damage to my beautiful God-dess like body in an irreparable manner, did I lose weight. But it was an unhealthy weight loss, a journey my own body took me on. I now eat very healthy and conscious of what goes in my mouth. The insane hair-loss stopped.

    After surgery, I procrastinated in getting back up. Not until we danced at MBE, my Angels made me dance. They literally picked me up, placed my cane on a table, made me kick off that boot, and just plain dance, and walk, and march, and yes sorta run. Scared the living Jesus out of me. But, now I am using the wheelchair I have less and less. I can now putter around the kitchen with my own two feet. I go to the market, and little by little am using the push cart with the nifty motorized little wheels.

    Now that I am in the Fall of my lifetime, I have no room for procrastination. I read that in order to be “old and wise”, one must first be “young and stupid”. Procrastination to me is tantamount to stupidity; the young like to hide behind it and most learn to stay there. It’s too easy, and comfortable to turn your back and not look at what you are not doing or supposed to be doing.

    Love in my heart for all. Elena


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