The big changes you seek are not a result of one miraculous moment where life happens to you, but the result of several little action steps along the way.

In order to create big changes in your life, you must be willing to take the small action steps along the way.

Big changes are the result of the small changes you make daily.

Small changes done consistently over time compound to equal big breakthroughs.

It’s easy to think that the small changes you do each day won’t really make a difference, and thus make the mistake of not bothering to do the small actions.

However, it’s the small actions you do each day that set the foundation for the big changes you seek.

Most people don’t do the small actions and as a result don’t get to experience the big changes.

Often when you think of making big changes all at once, it can seem a little overwhelming and your mind often shuts down. It can feel like too much all at once. Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming that you end up not taking any action at all.

Or you procrastinate, convincing yourself that you will do everything at one mega moment, and then putting off what you need to do today for an imaginary better time tomorrow.

The challenge is that when tomorrow comes, yesterday’s task has now piled up making it more difficult to take the necessary action steps in that present moment. Thus the cycle of being stuck continues.

Each time you make a small change, it’s a small victory that leads to deeper self trust. The more you trust yourself the more you are able to make bigger changes within yourself and your life.

So what would you like to change in your life?

Why do we stay stuck even when we say we want to change?

If you have tried to change something in an area of your life, whether losing weight, achieving a specific goal, or letting go of a behavior or habit pattern, but failed, ask yourself:

Why am I not changing… Really?

There’s a few keys to consider:

-Dare to be honest. Often when we don’t change, we have a certain payoff for staying stuck. We get comfortable being a certain way.

It becomes a Comfort zone. We have learned to be a certain person. To make a big change requires that you must let go of who you have been in order to become more of who you really are.

You cannot experience big change whilst staying the same person you have always been. In order to truly create change in your life, you must be willing to start by being radically honest with yourself about why you actually might NOT be willing to change. This is critical.

This honesty is the key to your breakthrough. Without this, you will remain stuck. It might mean admitting that you are afraid of losing weight for fear of the attention you might attract from men. Or fear of really stepping into your power because it might cause your relationship to end.

This level of honesty with yourself is the first step to making big change and requires commitment.

So ask yourself: What lies am I telling myself?

What am I pretending to not know?

In order to make big changes, begin by telling the truth about where you are currently at and where you aren’t. It’s then that you can actually deal with whatever it is that is in the way, whether fear, or resistance.

A game we often play with ourselves that keeps us stuck is the “I don’t know” game. We tell ourselves that we don’t know why we are stuck or not making the changes we say that we want. When in reality, deep down we do know, even if we might not be acknowledging it fully.

To create the big changes you seek requires taking full responsibility for whatever your experience is. Holding on to being a victim even if you are “right” only disempowers you and keeps you stuck in a cycle of sameness.

To take responsibility is an act power and freedom. Taking full responsibility is a key to creating big changes in your life.

What do you need to take responsibility for?

You are powerful. And only by owning it can you make the big changes you want in any area of your life.

Own your power.

No one’s coming to rescue you. Not Buddha. Not Santa Claus. Not the government.

No one is coming… Because you are already here.

You already have all you need to make big changes.

Commit fully now.



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3 comments on “How to Make BIG Changes in Your Life

  1. Joey on

    Sorry Kute I have disagree with one of your comments. Asking friends will not give you a truth. Any time you ask someone’s opinion, they will respond with what is right for them, how it will effect them. The real truth can only come from within.

  2. Natalya on

    Dear Santa Claus,

    Thank You Very Much that You didn’t fulfilled my wishes I asked for all that New Years and Christmases before. As far as I see now that were not actually what I needed that moments. I wanted IT very much but I was not fitted for what I wanted, because some changes were needed to be made in oneself.
    Am still on the way of changes, step by step… Still have the dreams.
    Very Happy that have little results on that way, each little result is a Big Victory for me in fact! So much Thankful for all transformations inside I’m lucky to reach.

    Wish You the wonderful year ahead
    All my best regards,


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