One of the most painful experiences is the feeling of being betrayed, especially by someone you love and trusted.

When your romantic partner cheats on you with someone else.

When you are being taken advantage of or treated unfairly.

When certain agreements you made with another gets changed without discussion.

Betrayal hurts and can sometimes feel deeply heartbreaking. It’s natural to feel hurt, angry, resentful, and even to want to close your heart as a way to protect yourself from the pain.

Acknowledge the hurt, feel it, express it, but don’t let it shut down your heart forever. As you feel the pain, know that it will pass and you will rise up again. As painful as it may be, your heart is resilient, and stronger than you can ever imagine.

When you have been betrayed it’s natural to feel like a victim, but this only disempowers you and your ability to create the future you want. So give up any sense of victimhood.

It takes courage to take responsibility for what happened to you, especially when you felt you were wronged. You can’t control what and how people behave towards you, so if you stay focused on this, you will stay stuck in pain. However, you can control how you respond.

When you stay stuck in anger and resentment, you give the person who hurt you much power over you.

No one is worth your happiness and freedom.

If you have been betrayed, take your power back by forgiving those that hurt you, as well as forgiving yourself for any judgements towards yourself for what you should or could have done.

So when you feel betrayed, rather than pointing your finger making another person wrong, take responsibility by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What’s my part in creating this relationship, situation and dynamic?
  2.  What is the other person mirroring to me about myself?
  3. How do I betray myself?
  4. What is the lesson that I am supposed to learn from this person and situation?

Everyone you meet is your teacher, and some of your greatest teachers are the ones that have caused you the most pain. They are the ones that force you to heal your wounds, learn your lessons once and for all, and facilitate your greatest growth. They are angels in disguise accelerating your evolution.

When you stay stuck in the pain making them wrong, even though they may be, you miss the gift in the situation.

Perhaps, your moment of betrayal is a huge wake up call to look inside and see where you aren’t fully loving or honoring yourself. Use the betrayal as a catalyst to commit to yourself fully.

Your relationships with others tend to be a mirror of your relationship with yourself. You attract to you a person that reflects you to you.

Do you like what you see?

If not, you have the power to make the shift and change yourself. The more you love and honor yourself, the more you will attract people into your life that reflect this to you.

Love yourself and set yourself free.



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7 comments on “How To Deal With Betrayal

  1. Catherine Haeffely on

    love this learn the lesson and take responsiblity yes.. its so important because we do know .thanks kute for your great videos this is how i found you on utube .. 7 years ago.. catherine H

  2. Ziyah Blackstone on

    Dear Kute,

    The timing of this couldn’t be better…I hadnt considered the “layers” you spoke of n when you said that I gave myself a hug. Becuz I felt I was fine, felt I had allowed myself the space to heal. And with the slightest interaction with this person I started to go crazy again. Having ones heart open to romantic love hasn’t always been easy for me n then I did I went wide open into a relationship. Being open n honest with another person doesn’t mean they will do the same…mistake number one. But you’re right when you said WE KNOW, becuz there were signs, signs I chose to ignore in that moment. And that’s not honoring myself. Thank you for showing me how I betrayed myself, thank you hitting all the notes as you so generously do. Love you Kute, Ziyah

  3. Lucia on

    Hello there 🙂
    Wow this video has touched my soul in a way that I cannot describe!!
    Thank you so much for reminding us, thank you for inspiring us !!

  4. Nicholle Appel on

    Dear Kute,
    God bless you! I am currently in one of the most painful situations of my life! Thank you so much for giving me the words, the wisdom and the tools I need to heal! Being introduced to your insights is what my soul needs to heal.

  5. Patricia Tramble on

    I don’t necessarily agree that people reflect who you are. It’s been said, “When you are getting healthy people get attracted to you, but it doesn’t mean they are healthy.” People can come into your life for all kinds of reason. One reason can be it is time for you to see how you have grown and to help someone else get better.


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