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For the last 15 years I have had the privilege to work one-on-one with thousands of amazing individuals from around the world, ranging from : billionaires, celebrities, athletes, sales people, entrepreneurs, housewives, musicians, and many more.

My way of coaching is unlike any other.

Since you are already whole, perfect and complete, I don't coach you, I UNCOACH. UNTEACH. UNTRAIN. UNCONDITION you.

What I offer is very different from most traditional coaching programs, which often do not get to the real source of issues, rather tends to provide surface level, band-aid, quick-fix solutions and advice. I help you transform from the “Inside-Out” rather than “Outside In”. It is designed to peel away the layers that prevent your full self-expression, break you through the limitations and fears that hold you back, challenge and inspire you to love more fully, and catapult you into living your true life’s purpose.

It is a highly customized and experiential process designed to “uncoach” you from the patterns and blockages that limit the full expression of your full potential. And to help you access your true self and live that powerfully in the world.

This profound coaching process is about connecting you back to your true Source. It’s ultimately about getting more YOU. When you connect to the real YOU, you will literally shine, attracting your heart’s most deepest desires — be it overflowing abundance, juicy relationships, and profound peace — you name it. As you connect to who you really are, you access a source of freedom that is unshakable, not determined by anything outside of yourself. Then you become truly powerful. You can then enter the world with a courage, boldness and a confidence to create the life you want.

Kute Blackson

The journey is about Freedom. I believe that when you are truly FREE you have more access to expressing your true potential. And the more of your power you can access, the more you are able to create the life your REALLY want.

The results are legendary.

Whilst I don't have the time to work with everyone one-on-one, I have also assembled an amazing team of coaches that I have personally trained in my unique transformational method, who are also available and committed to coach you into living your greatness.


The world is waiting for you!

Are you ready to live the life you were born for?

If you answered “Yes”, then I invite you to take the next step, APPLY to work with me or one of my trained coaches. Also, let us know whether you want to apply to work with me directly, or one of my coaches and you will be sent all the information necessary for the next steps.



what people are saying

Amir Eshel, Entrepreneur

I’ve had a very comfortable life, at least from the outside. As a diamond dealer, I was always using my intuition first. So as soon as I saw Kute, I trusted him fully. This TRUST has opened the door to my new life.


Working with Kute is not like working with a psychologist on a routine basis in an endless meeting for a long period of time. To work with Kute is a magic that happens very quickly, a life change within a fraction of the time. The more curious you are and the more you are willing to let go of your ego, the more you are rewarded. I felt I was tired of using excuses and telling myself stories. I wanted to feel really happy.


After working with Kute in my coaching sessions and going on the mother of all journeys, his Liberation Experience in India, the joy of rebirth and experiencing life with a different taste has really changed my life.


Even today, years after I have finished working with Kute, life is expanding everyday.
My willingness to surrender to the unknown, guided by Kute, has brought me much joy, love, freedom.


I now have ME in my life, and I now enjoy endless serenity and peace.

Lori Rubin, Author of “The EX-BOX” and “Journey To Your Big Heart”

To say that working with Kute just changed my life would be a lie… he saved my life. Not only did I experience the knowledge of a master, I also opened up to tap into places inside of myself that I didn’t know existed.


I then became my own master. After working with Kute, I experienced the joy inside of myself that had been hiding for a long time. I had mystical experiences and frequency rose while learning to stay grounded at the same time. I recommend any of Kute’s transformational Immersions to anyone who is ready.

Kim Kessler, Director of Public Relations at Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills

I have evolved so much from Kute’s seminars and his intensive month of personal coaching. I feel much more empowered, confident and in line with my life purpose of spreading wellness throughout the world.

I learned to shed old energy and values from family members that I had taken on throughout my life. I also gained more self confidence and self love, and feel inspired and ready to start my own company. Kute is a transformational teacher that uses spiritual aspects in order to create positive and radical change in people’s lives. I would highly recommend taking Kute’s seminars, and if you are ready for a big change, signing up for his one month coach intensive program.

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