There is no such thing as a mistake.

There are only opportunities to learn and grow.

Mistakes are a gift that you give yourself to find out more of who you really are.

Every single situation, experience and relationship is a portal for your soul’s expansion, transformation and evolution.

When you label what happens in your life as a “mistake” you limit the potential learning available in that situation.

To label something you did as a mistake is simply the limited perspective of your mind interpreting what it thinks should or shouldn’t be.

Our limited minds can only see a small part of the totality of a given situation. And the minds perception is determined by your conditioning, based on that which we judge. It’s like looking at a painting but only seeing one small part and missing the whole beautiful work of art.

It’s only by taking a step back and looking at the whole that you can see how everything in your life is interconnected.

As you see this you realize how everything in your life fits together and begins to make more sense.

You may realize that if certain things you used to judge as “mistakes” never occurred so many of the other amazing people and experiences would not have followed.

Sometimes it’s hard to see in the moment why things happen or are the way they are.

Sometimes what you labeled as a mistake in the moment turns out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

Trust that the choice you made, or the situation you are experiencing, is not a mistake but something your soul has called forth for your highest growth.

Your soul has a deeper intelligence than your mind.

Life is full of choices:

Which career path to take.

Whether to commit to a particular person in a relationship.

Whether to move to another part of the world.

If you simply try to decide with your mind alone you will likely remain confused, the mind has it’s limits.

Sometimes we are afraid to make a decision, and take the next action out of fear of making a wrong choice.

In any given moment all you can do is feel your deepest truth and be truly honest with yourself, this takes real courage. It’s then that you can make the most authentic decision possible at that time. This is the best you can do.

Just know that whatever you choose you can unchoose at any moment. Just because you made your bed doesn’t mean you have to lie in it forever.

So long as you are learning and growing, you are succeeding no matter what.

Trust that the decision you make is the perfect decision for you at that particular point in your life. It will take you on the exact journey you need to go on. Trust that if you are following your deepest hearts truth the experiences you will have as a result will be the most perfect for your soul’s growth.

Just make sure you follow your deepest truth. Then, no matter what happens, you are on the right path!

At the end of your life what is most important is not the risk you didn’t take, but the love that you dared to make.

At the end of your life what is important is not that you played it safe but that you gave your all, lived with no regrets, were fully yourself, and lived an authentic life!

Perhaps, if there was ever such a thing as a “mistake”, it’s simply having not lived a life true to yourself and your heart.

So long as you are YOU, you can’t make a mistake, even if it seems that way in the moment.

Be true to yourself.

Live each day with no regrets.

Life gives you no refunds.

Live it fully.



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7 comments on “The POWER of making mistakes!

  1. Ziyah on

    KUTE…thank you, I’ve been pondering much of this lately…and recently just realized there really is no such thing as a mistake, except thinking something was a mistake. The learning continues I see or more accurately feel how it all supports me….it’s so freeing. I’ve been paralyzed for years afraid to make a mistake or not do something right….I am so happy and grateful for it all…the good bad and the ugly…all labels none of it matters..

    I love who you are, Ziyah

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