I often get asked the question:

“Kute, how do you have so much energy?”

I teach 18 hours a day, 12 days straight, nonstop. When I teach weekend seminars, I do 32-40 hours in two and a half days.

In my opinion, you can drink all the green juice, eat the superfoods, inject yourself with IV supplements, do crazy exercise routines, all of which are great…..

But unless you have your mind, your heart, your spirit right, none of that really matters.


Your unresolved stuff will simply bring you down to that level at which you haven’t healed yet. So I found a lot of health approaches to be “Outside-In” rather than “Inside-Out.”

Health is your natural state of being. It is your birthright. Health is about removing whatever the mental, emotional blockages are that prevent your natural, authentic innate intelligence and energy from flowing.

At your essence, you are whole and complete. There is an innate intelligence within you that knows how to heal. For instance, if you cut your finger, the innate intelligence within knows how to heal you.

Health isn’t something you have to add to yourself, but it’s really about removing layers of your mental and emotional conditioning.

1 – If there’s old hurt, pain, shame, resentment from the past that you’re holding onto – Forgive it. Release it. Let it go. It’s done. It’s in the past. Holding these negative emotions will only rob you of vital energy.

2 – Take time to connect to Source. The Divine is the true source of energy. This intelligence that is beating your heart and digesting your food is the same energy of Life itself. It is infinite. When you connect to your soul your energy is no longer limited to your body.

3 – Focus on service. Have a purpose bigger than yourself. When you focus just on yourself, getting your needs met and your life, you will have a certain amount of energy. However, when you have a purpose that expands your focus beyond just you, it will inspire and call more of you forward. You will tap into more energy than you imagined.

Health is a state of being. It’s not simply how you look and what you do but how you feel about yourself.

You might find that the more your love and accept yourself as you are, the more healthy you become on all levels.



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3 comments on “3 Keys To Unleashing Energy and Vitality

  1. Magdi Amar Mohamed on

    I just watched your appearance on impact theory with Tom. I was captivated by your energy. You were your truest self as i could do nothing else by savour every word you spoke. Thank you for the inspiration. God bless.

    Magdi from Rif Moving.
    788 885 4180

  2. Hilda Belmont on

    Wow Kute, I really loved this blog, this is certainly not the traditional advice…
    I have always had the priviledge of super deep sleep, a train could go over and I wouldn´t notice, lately I have been obsessed with the quality of my sleep making sure there is no light, I drink no coffee, etc and ironically I wake up 2 or 3 times per night now I see why…I was solely focused on the vessel ignoring completely the 3 keys, now I will watch for releasing and letting go, connecting with the infinite intelligence and service to others.
    Thank you Kute!


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