When you let go of what you don’t want, you open yourself to what is the next level for you.

Just because something is currently working doesn’t mean it’s really a true success.

Just because you have been doing things a certain way for a while doesn’t mean that is the way you need to continue.

We often do something and if it works we keep doing it. This can be good for a while. But sometimes we get too comfortable in the same old routine which creates stagnation and we stop growing.

The moment you stop growing you die.

Life is a process not a destination point. It is about the continual ever-expanding journey of growth.

True success isn’t simply in doing something right, or about the end outcome. But perhaps real success is the process of continuing to evolve and grow as a human being. To continue to expand into deeper dimensions and expressions of your most authentic self.

When you stop growing, you cling to an old version of yourself. As children we create a certain way of being out of survival. We then live this way in the world and with those around us. We learn to get by in life.

But I believe that just getting by is not why we were born. We were born to fly.

There come those pivotal points in life where you must let go of the old, no matter how comfortable. This way you can open to the new. When you do this, the next level of who you are, and what is seeking to happen, can unfold.

We get comfortable in relationships that no longer feel right or inspire our souls.

We get comfortable in jobs that leave us drained and unfulfilled but continue out of fear.

We keep doing the same things even if they bring us no aliveness just because it seems safer and it’s what we know.

We are afraid of the unknown. So we choose the comfort or the familiar.

On the surface things might seem fine.

When you reach a point in life where you feel dissatisfied, acknowledge it. This is a special moment signaling you have outgrown your current circumstance.

Many people find ways to deny that feeling, which only keeps you stuck in the swamp of sameness longer.

Your real growth doesn’t lie in what you know. But in the unknown, which is often scary.

To the degree you can relax into the unknown determines the degree of freedom you will experience in life.

So what do you need to let go of in your life?

What no longer is in alignment and congruent with who you are today?

What is restricting your freedom and full authentic expression ?

Sometimes we hold onto the breadcrumbs when in fact an entire buffet of new possibilities await you.

What are you holding onto out of fear?

There comes a point in life where you know its time to go to the next level.

You know what you must do. This is the time for courage. The courage to let go.

The process of growth requires you to give up what is less, to gain what is more.

Move boldly where it’s uncomfortable, for this is where your growth lies.

We often wait for the universe to align things in life. But The universe is waiting for you. Don’t wait until you think you are ready since your fear will often convince that you are not.

You are ready because you are alive.

Jump in. Trust. And you will unleash inner-resources that the current level of your life is not calling forth from you.

It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail by conventional standards. Real success isn’t simply in what you attain materially.

What matters is whether you are growing and evolving as a soul.

Then real success awaits you no matter what the outcome.

It’s when you let go, that you grow and bring yourself into the magical flow of life.

Let go in order to grow.

What awaits you will be more than you can imagine.

So: Leap and your wings will appear!

Love. Now


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P.P.S. Tell me what the next level is for you in your life?

5 comments on “Leap and your wings will appear! ….TRUST!

  1. Marilee on

    Kute your messages are always right on time for me! I just left my last career as a realtor. I had been in this job for 15 years and didn’t think I could do anything else. I said no more and quit with no other income in sight. I’ve been hired at Home Depot, don’t laugh, it’s a great place to work, but the best part is, I work in the paint dept. All my life my passion has been decorating. Well, I’ve started my own business as a decor consultant plus working part time in paint! I am so happy because I am using all my creative gifts and sharing them with everyone. My heart is full of a new life, new hope, new dreams. I left what I knew and it’s all coming together for me doing my true passion in life!

    Your message couldn’t be more perfect! As always, thank you. Love now.


  2. Becca on

    Thank you so much for this video Kute, the timing is DIVINE! I’m going through a similar transformation as your teenage years and really fear the stones of judgement that will fly my way when I step into my authentic being, which no longer aligns with Christianity.

    Your message is very encouraging & empowering and seeing you now is like a preview of what my life could be like in the future! Thanks for sharing your heart & soul with us and sending you much love & blessings! 🙂


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