Are you happy right now?

If not… why not?

All of us have many reasons and excuses, which seem legitimate and true in the moment.

What is it for you?


It’s easy to be miserable in this world. That takes no courage at all. The real test is despite what life may bring can you be happy?

It takes courage to live in this world with all it’s ups and downs. It takes courage to be alive fully. It takes courage to live with an open heart. It takes courage to feel and not numb yourself.

Sometimes in an effort to be happy, we try and avoid all the feelings that don’t feel good. We disconnect, suppress, and distract.

To the degree you suppress sadness or pain is to the degree you limit your capacity to feel joy and happiness.

The more you are able to embrace whatever feeling arises, hold it with compassion, know that it will pass. The more you resist it, the more it stays stuck and blocked within you.

So when you feel happy don’t try and hold onto it forever. And when you feel pain don’t try and force it away.

Simply embrace it with total awareness. Then you will find your happiness may remain more effortlessly and your pain may dissolve more quickly.

No feelings last forever, so don’t try and make them. The more you try to find happiness, the more it eludes you.

Stop trying to find happiness.

Feel the inherent fullness and blessing of this very moment.

Feel the AMAZINGness of now.

When you are fully in the now you will feel a sense of innate harmony.

Life is beautiful.

…and not because it is perfect.

Life is filled with challenges, hardship, pain, heartbreak, betrayal. As well as joy, success, love, pleasure. All of it makes it truly beautiful.

It is in embracing all of it that you find true happiness and are able to live freely.

Life has a way of working itself out. When you remember thisΒ  you can surrender to a deeper trust that life will give you what you most need, when you need it to serve your highest evolution.

So what if you didn’t need a REASON to be happy?

COULD you be happy right now?

We all COULD be happy right now.

It is a choice you make in any given moment. This choice is your portal to freedom.

Are you ready to choose?



P.S. If you feel ready to break free and live your greatness for real, join me on the transformational journey of a lifetime!!

6 comments on “Are you happy right now? …the Key.

  1. natalya on

    Mutluyum πŸ™‚ ! WOW, Right Today my teacher at the classes, always wide smiling man:D, asked me: “Natalya, you look sad today, why?” & he painted on the class board this big smile πŸ™ ! only thing i got in the mind while watching the class board was “am i really look like this? :\ & really why?” i felt shame!!! soooo, today answer for Your question Kute, is – Yep, am Happy now πŸ™‚ ! Mutluyum πŸ˜€ ! Balance recovered πŸ™‚ I choose Happiness πŸ™‚

  2. Flower on

    I can say YES!! I am happy, even while in physical pain today. I felt I was living from my heart today. Thank you Kute, Bali looks and feels so beautiful and the people so loving. I need to travel there one day x

  3. Marilee on

    Almost everyday I am happy. Today, not so much. I still have time for a walk at the Harbour, so that will make me happy! Thank you Kute!


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