Love those that attack and challenge you the most. They are simply God’s angels disguised to remind you to love bigger.

Sometimes we think because we have pure intentions or are doing some good in the world that everyone will be happy. This is not always the case. Often when light seeks to emerge darkness seeks to oppose it. But you cannot give it too much energy or weight. As you step more fully into your light and power, those around you may sometimes feel threatened. You just show them either where they are not embracing theirs or where it scares them. So they may lash out at you.

Know this: They are not really threatened by you, they are actually threatened by their own greatness that you remind them of. But trust that nothing can stop what is meant to be. Resist the natural temptation to fight darkness with darkness. Anger with anger. Hate with hate. This will only perpetuate the cycle of suffering and end up bringing you down.

There are no enemies out there just those that don’t see themselves clearly yet and thus cannot see you clearly yet either. It may seem personal but recognize that it is not. Then you know that they aren’t really attacking you because it really isn’t about you.

So to attack them back or engage in petty back and forth, not only brings you to their level. But ultimately resolves nothing.

When you are driven by anger you cannot create true peace. So make peace with yourself. Make peace with who you are and who you are not.

The more you know yourself the less you care what others say about you.

The more you know yourself the less you care to say about others.

The more you know yourself, the more you know that another is just an aspect of yourself. We are ONE. It’s so easy to forget and buy into the illusion of separation.

When you know the truth of yourself you have no time for drama.

Drama is a cheap way to get high. Give it up. Connect to your SELF and feel the true aliveness of your SOUL.

Don’t give the small flies buzzing around you so much attention when you can enjoy the vast sunsets and miracles of each blessed moment.

Life is too short to waste time worrying about what people think or say about you.

Life is too precious to waste your energy fighting others who don’t really know you anyway.

Life is too short to allow others behaviors to determine your destiny and how much you allow your soul to shine.

Those that challenge you the most are just the wind beneath your wings to make you stronger.

In your heart thank them, bless them and send them love. This is the best response. And move on.

Those that challenge you the most are your soul’s gift. They provide you with the opportunity to put your spirituality into real action. They are an invitation to love.

They are God in drag reminding you to to WAKE UP!

They are a living question asking you….How big are you willing to love?



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7 comments on “How to deal with the people that challenge you the most and be FREE!

  1. Marilee on

    Thank you for this reminder. Just the other day a person at work was driving me nuts and I was wondering how I’m going to cope with this person. Now I know!

  2. Ann-Kristin on

    You are wonderful! Thank you so much for your words…you are a blessing for the world…and a true helping friend.
    Thank you!

  3. Younes on

    thank you for these words that affects the soul and brings out the deepest emotions, I still believe in forgiveness even though sometimes I feel frustrated
    (Don’t give the small flies buzzing around you so much attention when you can enjoy the vast sunsets and miracles of each blessed moment.) God bless you my friend KUTE Love. Now around us greetings

  4. Flower on

    Hey Kute, I have to admit, I used to get really jealous of hearing you speak. I just loved your energy and your vibrancy for life. So I carried on listening to you, to start helping me create the energy I was to feel in my life. So THANK YOU! <3

  5. Dawn on

    Wonderful….perfect message at a perfect time! You are a delight to listen to. Thank you for sharing your message and for being yourself. I am grateful you are in my life!!


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