The 7 keys to staying strong  and surfing the waves of crisis:

1- Unplug: First, take a step back from the situation and create some space. When you are so entangled in fear, it is easy to be in reaction to the situation. Then Chances are you won’t see what is happening clearly. If you act from unclarity and fear, all that happens is that you tend to create more suffering and things to be afraid of in your life. You cannot fix the problem using the same level of thinking that got you in the challenging situation in the first place. So, stop. Breathe. Step back. Observe. Get some perspective. Reevaluate.

2- Live in the Now: In moments of crisis it is easy to be swept up in a wave of fear. The mind often starts creating future fantasies of what might and could happen. The mind creates all sorts of “What if?” scenarios of things that haven’t happened yet and are likely to never happen. We end up experiencing the suffering as though our very fear is actually happening now. If you live in the future, and worry,  it will paralyze you in the present. Remember, that it is the action you take in the present that determines your future. So bring yourself back to the moment by observing where your mental attention is, by taking deep breaths and being aware of your body sensations.

3-Accept what is: Accept the situation that you are facing as it is, instead of fighting it, or trying to control what cannot be controlled. There are so many external factors that you cannot control.  Acceptance does not mean being a victim, or doing nothing. It simply means that you stop resisting and banging your head against reality so that you can deal with reality and change it.  When you focus on what you cannot control, eventually your mind will drive you crazy. You will be disempowered and left feeling helpless. It is a waste of time and energy. Fighting reality, does not actually change the situation. It just keeps you stuck.

4- Focus on what you can control:   Get clear what you can control. Put your attention there. So, list the actions that are in your power and do them one by one, instead of wasting time worrying. When you are done worrying the same crisis will be staring you in the face. Nothing will have changed. The time that you might spend worrying, you could be taking action instead to shift the situation.

5- Gratitude: In the midst of your crisis, take a moment to focus on what is working and what you do have. Despite our challenges we are still so blessed. We live in a world where more thatn 40% of the population live on less than $2 per day, and our greatest problem would likely be someone’s greatest blessing. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, and the opportunity that the crisis is giving you, the more empowered you will feel.

6-Aligned Action: When you are in an energized state of mind you will have access to more of your innate power and potential. You will be more effective in making decisions and seeing how to change your current situation much more clearly. When your actions come from fear or lack you end up creating more suffering.

7- Surrender:  When you do ALL that you can do, you have done your part. Just make sure that you truly do all that you can do. When you are clear about this, there is a peace. Then it is time to let go and trust life to unfold the rest.  When you let go, you move into a deeper trust of existence itself.  And you open yourself up to the infinite creativity of the Universe.

When you are faced with a crisis, trust that something more than before is seeking to emerge in your life. Something better and more in tune with who you are today. A higher good is crashing through. If you resist it you will suffer. Whereas, if you embrace it, you will reinvent your life, you will thrive, and become who you were truly meant to be!

Remember: Sometimes, your blessings come gift wrapped in the form of a crisis. Make sure that you actually open the gift!

PS. I would love to know your thoughts, as to how this blog post on crisis may have helped you. And share with me one thing that you learned from dealing with a crisis in your life, so that everyone can learn from your wisdom!

Do send this to anyone in your life that is in the midst of a crisis right now!

13 comments on “The Crisis CODE: 7 Keys to staying strong and surfing the waves of crisis.

  1. Gail Lynne Goodwin on

    Dear Kute,

    Thank you for this post. Your words always cut to the core of who I am- and always arrive at the perfect time. I needed to read these words this morning and I thank you for sharing them with us.

    You are so right in your seven ways to stay strong. I especially appreciated the reminder in #2- live in the present. It’s so easy to get swept up in the “what if” that we forget the now.

    Thank you Kute for sharing your wisdom with us. I love and appreciate you my friend. 🙂



  2. Amy Lynn Morgan on


    I thank you for this wonderful post. You have thought me to focus on what I can control. I stopped resisting and I no longer suffer. This year I stopped resisting. I purchased a new home and my business has taken off like a free weed growing in the back yard. I never dreamed it would happen in these troubled times. I also found a dear friend of mine that I have not heard from in 21 years. He was in a bad car accident and had lost part of his memory. I never gave up looking and I found him last week.

    Thank you my dear Life Saver. And keep loving NOW.


  3. marie on

    I went under the operating table two years ago to have a kidney removed.

    As I was given the epidural and went through the hole in the wall to the operating theatre, arms crossed over my chest, hands shoulder to shoulder I just kept thinking of I AM.

    next thing I know I am aware of my beloved pet cat She-Ra who had gone missing almost 17 years about then….. she was one minute here on the periphery of my vision, then down here, then up htere in the corner, she was definitly impressing her self upon my consciousness to make me aware that she was there. Then as I looked ahead of me I saw this andogynous figure standing awaiting, and I “knew” that this figure was my soul mate and that we had been in and out of many incarnations.

    It has only been since on reflection that I can see/understand that this is I AM, that which men call God, my one and only True soulmate who appears AS, all the different lovers and partners I have ever had or will have.

  4. Mandy on

    Well, I read this post…a long time after you wrote it.. I am just started to read all your post cause you are so clear and to the point. Today, I am in a little crisis right now…and I needed sometime to think about it…so I took a step back and started to read…to find inspiration..even though I feel fear …I realized that this crisis will help me become in to the person I need to be…and I can’t let fear get in the way and one thing you wrote really is sticking with me…”When you focus on what you cannot control, eventually your mind will drive you crazy.”

    So am know taking a look at what I can control…and I feel a lot better.

  5. Han on

    Hiya Kute! I feel like I am good in a crisis and am able to find strength and inner peace and make wise moves. For me, I find the challenge is that afterwards it makes me for fearful of what ‘could have happened’. In fact, seeing what I have just written on this screen is helping me to find perspective and strength. Weird eh? ha ha Really, I have every right to feel stronger from what I have been through, because I should have noticed by now that I can trust myself and the universe to get me through anything. Maybe it’s time I realised that and started to feel as strong as everyone says I am. Reading what you have written has allowed me to think about it more clearly. I thank you for that!

  6. Glory Ketterer on

    After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment. Is there an easy method you are able to remove me from that service? Appreciate it!

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