When any relationship ends it can be one of the most painful things you experience in life.

A heartbreak.

Change is a part of life. Nothing lasts forever even the best things will one day come to an end. As you accept this you can focus on fully experiencing and appreciating each relationship whilst it is in your life.

Ultimately there is no end to a relationship, the form simply shifts into something new. The real courage is to let go and allow the highest expression that is seeking to happen.

The real courage is your willingness to let go of what you currently have so you can create something new.

The real courage is to love so fully that if a relationship ends you have no regrets.

You attract into your life who you are. And those you attract are manifestations of your own state of consciousness at that particular time.

They are mirrors.

As you grow and your consciousness expands those in your life must either grow with you or the nature of your relationship will inevitably shift.

Just because the form of your relationship needs to change doesn’t mean the love needs to go away.

We often think that if a relationship ends the love needs to stop. When in fact to stay in a relationship that no longer feels right is in fact not loving.

To honor your authentic hearts truth is the most loving thing you can do. In doing this you honor those around you too.

Dare to find the most authentic form of relating that can serve both you and the other person to love even more fully.

So rather than holding onto the way a relationship was in the past feel what is most true now and what it is seeking to be today.

To stay in a relationship that is not truly fulfilling in the present is to be in a dead relationship. The relationship is a museum rather than a living inspiration.

Try asking yourself this, “If I met this person today would I be in a relationship with them today?”.

Be honest.

When you first meet someone, whether a romantic relationship, friend or business partner, you gravitate to each other because you were a vibrational match. As you grow, so long as you both keep growing in the same direction at a similar pace, you can keep evolving your relationship. But if you do not there might come a point where you no longer are a fit.

As two people evolve, if you grow in different directions that no longer feels right for you both, it will put pressure on the way the relationship is currently set up.

It is important to remember that just because a relationship ends or changes form it isn’t bad. It just may no longer be a vibrational match.

If you are feeling a current relationship is not working ask yourself:

1) Does this relationship inspire me to be more of who I authentically am?

2) Do we inspire each other to grow, expand and evolve as souls?

3) What is the lesson that this person/relationship was brought into my life to teach me.

When you let go of the old relationships you create the space for the new ones to show up.

Trust that following your heart and truth will lead you to exactly where you are meant to be for your highest good and all concerned.

Trust that the universe is abundant and will bring about your highest good.

Trust that the Love which is available is infinite.

You are Love.

All forms change.

Only Love is real.



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17 comments on “Dealing with the end of ANY relationship!

  1. Jo on

    Thank you Kute! Oh My this is so true. I have lost so many friends because material acquisitions are not important. I have evolved spiritually, but they are not ready. I do not match all these people, yet I love them, and maintain loving thoughts of them. I am ready to take the next step in my life…This talk of yours came at a perfect time…

  2. Peter Suedkamp on

    Hi Kute,
    all that you are saying is true for me but what if an relationship ends as I have experienced it over and over and you truely want to know the reason why the relationship has ended and the woman isn´t willing to talk about it and she is even not willing to have contact with you anymore. I would have loved (and I tried it in one case for about 8 years and after my last relationship for about 4 years now) to talk in depth with that lady to tell her my reasons why I did behave the way I did but these lady´s aren´t willing to listen to me. So I feel really hurt because I feel that telling her about the reasons why I behave that way could let her see my true self. Ok, it took a time that I could see clearly all my fears and conditioning but still when I wrote to her she did not answer. And I really would love to be in a relationship with her again. And I did everything to grow myself in the meantime but I can´t see a change that would show me that she would be willing to listen to my side of the story and that I have changed a lot so that we could really grow together and have a relationship wich is based upon unconditional love. I am so ready for this!

    • Kute Blackson on

      Keep on Peter! Just because you’re ready does not mean she is. We all grow and evolve in our own time…Continue to send her love…When she is ready to respond to you she will.

  3. Sharon on

    Yes, this came in perfect relationship to what I needed right now! Thank you and no, I don’t want to be constipated holding on to that super exciting preliminary intimacy and not wanting to shift and flow to what is happening now. Ouch it hurts but if we trust life gets sweeter I believe! please do a talk on marriage I have so many questions and judgements fears about it and it is showing up in my relationships. Thanks love and light.

    • Kute Blackson on

      I’m glad, Sharon, you’re welcome! I will have to create an entire video blog devoted to marriage soon! Keep on the lookout! Much Love to YOU!

  4. Flower on

    Hey Mr Lovely Man! Describing relationships on a vibrational level is so much easier to understand. Thank you, Flower x

  5. Paula Johnson on

    Thank you once again Kute for confirming what I’ve felt for a while now…I was holding onto a relationship for dear life because of the amazing connection it ONCE WAS…it is no longer that amazing connection…I was thinking the other day that we are no longer a vibrational match…it was just an inner realisation and then you post this! Love your work xx

    • Kute Blackson on

      You are quite welcome Paula! I am very happy to know I could offer you support in confirming what you already knew! MUCH Love to you!

  6. Teresa on

    Thanks so much for a timely post! I am going through the possible end of a relationship, not my choice. However, after watching this video…it is so very clear to me that it should be my choice to end it. We are talking about the relationship this Sunday and I have processed so much since your posting. I will end the relationship on that day in love.

    #thankful #blessed


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