The truth serves everyone even though it may not seem that way at first.

The truth will set you free even though it might piss you off at first and feel uncomfortable.

Speaking your honest authentic truth takes real courage and commitment.

Speaking your truth is a real spiritual practice.

As children we may have learned that there were painful consequences when we spoke our truth. Our parents got upset, we got in trouble, we weren’t so popular.

So we learned to hide what we really felt in order to be liked, please others, fit in, not rock the boat, or create a scene and avoid confrontation.

Sometimes we are afraid to share how we really feel with another because we are afraid of what they might think, afraid of hurting them, or the potential ramifications of what we share and the changes it may cause to our current lives.

However, holding back your honest truth doesn’t serve anyone. Holding back truth creates compromise, contraction and more conflict. Holding back truth often leads to more problems and time wasted down the road.

When you withhold truth you close a part of your heart and in doing so you block the flow of your love. Withholding truth will drain you of energy, as it takes energy to suppress. Speaking your truth will free you and generate more vibrant aliveness.

It is in sharing your deepest truth with another that you create the space for potentially more love and freedom.

Withholding truth creates a distance between you and other people. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it impacts your relationships.

When you speak your deepest truth from the heart, it can often bring you closer, leading to deeper intimacy and connection.

Authentic communication leads to deeper understanding and appreciation of who the other person is and where they are coming from. You may not agree with all they say but when you share from your heart there can at least be respect and understanding.

It is never easy to speak your truth especially when what you have to share is difficult. Perhaps you need to tell your partner that your relationship, the way it is right now, is not fulfilling. Or you need to share with your business partner that you want to end the partnership. Or you need to set your boundaries with a friend and stand up for yourself.

Remember that it is in speaking your deepest truth that you evolve, but also it will cause others around you to face themselves and grow too.

You sharing your hearts truth will cause others to get real and serve as a catalyst for their evolution, if they are open.

Speaking your truth even if it’s difficult is a gift to those in your life.

Speaking your truth demonstrates your commitment to yourself, as well as serving those around you.

When you don’t share what you really feel unhappiness is the result. Going along with whatever happens or what everyone else wants is a recipe for resentment.

What truths do you need to speak to those in your life?

What have you been withholding?

When you speak your truth your responsibility is in how you share it, to share it with as much sincerity and compassion as possible.


-Get clear on the intention for your communication.

-Center yourself in your heart and stay connected to your feelings.

-Feel the other persons heart.

-Remember that they are souls having a human experience and learning lessons.

-Speak with clarity and share your deepest truth, rather than a watered down version.

-Let go of the outcome of your communication and how it is received.

– Regardless of how it’s received when you communicate your truth you grow and expand.

In any conflict, challenge, or disagreement, when all involved share the deepest level of how they really feel with love, the situation tends to resolve itself. When only partial truth is shared things often stay stuck.

Speaking your truth is not about being right, proving your point, or arguing. It is a commitment to the expansion of love and freedom.

When you speak your truth you honor yourself.

When you speak your truth you honor another.

When you speak your truth you honor love.

Speak your truth with love.



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10 comments on “How to communicate difficult truth with LOVE!

  1. AliG on

    I so needed this today. I finally stood up for myself and set my boundaries with someone who isn’t truly a friend but who hurt me deeply by judging me and telling me how I should be. She owes me money and hasn’t provided a timeline of when she will or an apology of why she hasn’t yet. Yesterday, I found out that she’s back in town and has money for going out (thanks social media), while being short and snappy with me when I asked for my money back a few months back. I got fed up last night and wrote her an email. I finally stood up for myself. I haven’t before because I’m afraid of her reactions and anger. Perhaps I didn’t do it with love, but I’m still proud of myself. My intention was to address my hurt from how she treated me and reset my boundaries. She replied, but I don’t want to read it. I suppose I’m afraid.

    • Kute Blackson on

      I’m glad to hear this came at the right time for you Alisa. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it’s hard to send love to those who hurt us but it is during these moments when it’s the biggest opportunity of all to practice giving it! Much love to you!

  2. TagRD on

    Wow, this came at the right time as I have been shying from my Truth in a relationship. I’m trying to push how I feel aside in a relationship to really make sure it’s the right thing to do. I guess I am doubting my feelings? Everything seems so good on paper, but I guess deep down I feel there is someone better for me. It’s so hard because the relationship has been a lot of fun, everyone thinks we are a great match, and we have so much planned in the next couple months. Thanks for your powerful words, Kute!

    • Kute Blackson on

      Trust your deepest Truth, your Intuition, in the long run you will be thankful you did. You are welcome. Much Love!

  3. Natalya on

    I have absolutely the same situation as Alisa! &even worth… My “friend” so to speak, not just owed money from me &didn’t give it back, but She also did &cheated very bad things about me behind my back. I kept patience for tooooo long! once She even cunningly f**ked me off from my home &brought there her bf for dating… &after i came back home i found out some thing r disappeared from my home including Internet Modem!!! …as i found out after its her bf have stole it from my home!!! Some weeks later they have married &went to live in the other city &She even dared to send me free birthday poem greetings online. That was Top Point of my patience! I also wrote her some kind of e-mail message &told ALLLLLLL the TRUTH am thinking about Her &our “Friendship”.. i have tried to do it not with Love, but just tried to choose words very carefully in order not to be rude. I was not afraid of Her anger as Alisa, i just was needed to tell the TRUTH!!!! &I DID IT! i even spent more money for the international cell call to tell it all by Voice! Her reaction was unpredictable… She played like actress, trying to show herself as good girl of higher honor &even yelled she can go to shop &buy me 10 modems if i need… :)))))))))) She made me to feel guilty in everything!!! She told me “This is the way how you loosing all your friends!” She even made me to cry at some point &say “sorry”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I blocked from this person completely! Am not waiting my money back! I’m HAPPY just to open my blind eyes on this person more clearly! Sometimes am watching how She roaming around my pages &accounts &putting likes on my picture…. that makes me just to smile now :))))))))))))
    We have common friend whom, as i found out, She used &cheated in similar ways… I tried to express &share Her my Truth Vision on this Lady &to predict to be careful to her. I Got back a Negative Reaction! She was Chief Witness on this wedding party &Very Proud that was carry wedding dress lap! :)))))
    From one hand i feel as complete failure!!! But… From the other hand i feel Happy that i dared to express TRUTH from inside that couldn’t keep any more!!!!
    I have my internet modem back, otherwise what would i do without Kute! 😉 THANK YOU!

    • Kute Blackson on

      Your truth usually has a deeper feeling. When it’s a wound, it comes from reactivity and there’s usually is a lot of charge, emotion and energy that’s incomplete behind it. Often when you speak your truth, it might be a little bit scary but there’s an inner conviction that’s deeper, an inner knowing that it’s truth, and it arises from a deeper place. When you speak your truth authentically, usually once you speak it’s complete. When it’s just a wound you’ll find yourself going around in circles.

  4. Angela on

    This is how I feel right now with my sister, when she brought this up in the middle of conversation that I don’t ask her to go anywhere with me when I’m with my boyfriend & she understands we want to be alone. I felt being put on the spot again & there’s an expectation from me. When I have told her no, its our time. I made a vow to myself not to please people anymore to make them happy it makes me unhappy (I tend to keep)


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