Are you looking for the ONE?

Stop waiting. You are the one.

There are hundreds of books out there claiming to teach you how to ATTRACT your soulmate, not to mention a zillion techniques.

I don’t believe that your soulmate is something you ATTRACT, rather is something that you ARE. Your soulmate is simply an expression of your Self. As you connect more with your soul, that perfect mate will come to you as a mirror manifestation of who and what you are. It is not about finding your soulmate, but removing the barriers, illusions and blocks to the realization of yourself as Love.

BE your SOULMATE. Your own soul is your ultimate mate. Your soul is the source of your true fulfillment. As you recognize who you are, you realize a deeper dimension of your innate wholeness. Out of this wholeness the outer manifestation of your soulmate happens.

As you cultivate this relationship with yourself, and see the truth of your being. A deep intimacy opens up. A deep communion with everything. The feelings of aloneness dissolve as you realize that you are “all one” with all things and that you are profoundly connected with everyone. At the deepest level everything and everyone is your soul mate. There is only “The One.” All of life is the One Source manifesting as a multiplicity of form. From this place of wholeness you are no longer seeking to get something. You are complete. You know that you are Love itself.

When you drop your search for the one, you will find what has never been lost: You. As you give up waiting Love blossoms more fully and comes alive in your heart. You become Love alive. This is the most attractive quality. This energy is palpable and felt by those around you.

If you have ever or are currently debating in your mind “Is this person the ONE?”

Ultimately, they are “the one” that is in front of you right now. They are the one that is inviting you into a deeper possibility of loving. The person in your life right now is giving you the opportunity to open your heart more fully, heal more deeply, and love more freely. Regardless of whether you are with them for a week, a month, a year or a lifetime.

Rather than looking for the one, Be the ONE. Be the one that loves each moment fully. Love each moment like your dear lover. Love this very moment as if it were your soulmate.

If in the aftermath of a relationship, you feel heartbroken, know that even though the relationship might have ended, you dared to open your heart and love, and no one can take that away from you. By the act of loving your heart will never be the same. It will have expanded to hold a bigger capacity for love.

Because a relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean it was a failure. The real question is  “Did you grow?” Did you become more of who you really are? Did you learn the lessons that brought that person into your life?”

So long as you got the lesson, then the relationship was a great success.

There are no failures in Love. Only the refusal to love.

Here are some soulmate keys to remember:
  • Give up waiting: Stop waiting for some special person in order to love.
  • Be love: Begin feeling the love in your heart now, and start offering it each moment.
  • Say “Yes!” Accept and open to the possibility of your right relationship manifesting in your life.
  • Clear the way: Let go of the mental and emotional blocks within yourself that might keep your heart closed.
  • Stay open: Drop any preconceived ideas as to how your soulmate will show up in your life.
  • Let go of time: Let go of the mind and be ready at any moment. Do not limit that person showing up in your life to a certain time. Life and Love is bigger than your mind.
  • Love each moment as your lover: Love as fully as you can in each moment. Love now.
  • When you truly love, you realize that there is no other. Love is the goal, as well as the journey itself.
P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you feel that you have found your soulmate I would love to hear your short story in the comments below.

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