In a world that moves so fast it’s easy to forget to be still.

We often are told, “Don’t just sit there do something!”.

Sometimes it’s in doing nothing that everything happens.

Sometimes doing nothing is the most productive and powerful thing you can do in a situation.

Sometimes you have to slow down so that you can speed up. And you must be still and do nothing so that the world around you can catch up to your vision.

Just because you are doing nothing doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done or happening exactly as needed. Yet we live in a culture that worships and places value on doing. We learn to equate our self worth and value with what we do and how much we get done.

You are NOT what you DO or how much you do. Your real value and worth is way beyond that. Trying to get a sense of worth from “doing” is a never ending road, it’s never enough.

Often we are afraid to do nothing because it’s in that stillness that we feel things we may have been running from and avoiding.

When you act from fear you create more fearful situations in your life. When you act out of anxiety you will likely create more chaos in your life. Then it becomes hard to stop the cycle because the moment you do, you will be confronted with the very thing you have been running from.

When you act from fear, you might seem busy but your actions will lack power and impact. When you act from the depth of your soul, and deeper guidance, your actions carry a force and energy.

There are certain moments in life and situations where there is nothing for you to do. When you dare to do nothing, when there’s really nothing to do, you affirm your trust and have faith in the Universe. When you take action out of fear you affirm your distrust in the Universe.

It’s in the stillness that you are able to tune more deeply into yourself, your feelings and your heart. It’s in these moments that your intuition will guide you. The Universe will lead you. Your soul will speak to you. When you act from this clarity you express from a deeper place of your being and you operate in harmony with life. You will likely find yourself to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Everything has a Divine timing and right season. It’s not about forcing things to be. But bringing yourself into the flow of life that already is.

When you are still and let your soul guide you, you live from a deeper place than your mind. A life simply lived from the mind is rather limited, however, your soul is infinite.

The beauty of music isn’t just in the sound but in the silence in between. The real power of living isn’t just in the actions you take but in your stillness.

So trust life. There is a time for action and a time for stillness. A time for doing and a time for doing nothing. The farmer plants the seeds in the soil. Then he must water them and allow nature to unfold it’s magic and do it’s part.

Sometimes the reason we are afraid to be still and do nothing is because the mind tells you that your dreams won’t happen.

Many times in the process of life when things don’t happen at the time you want, expect, or desire, it’s easy to get disappointed and impatient. Acting out of impatience won’t necessarily make things manifest more quickly. But most likely will cause you more stress and suffering.

Patience is key.

Use the time you are doing nothing to reflect, rejuvenate, and prepare yourself. If you don’t, when the time comes for action, you will be tired and won’t be at your best when it most counts.

Know that when things take longer to happen than you want, rather than trying to do something, just to do something out of fear, try breathing and do nothing. Instead allow life to work it’s miracles and synchronize perfect events.

You can swim against the wave but you will only drown.

You can go sunbathing in the the winter snow but you will freeze.

You can try to eat a cake before it’s fully baked but it won’t taste good.

Life has an intelligence. It birthed you into existence. It was here before you and will be here after you. It knows how to unfold each step of your way.

Trust life.



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6 comments on “The power of doing NOTHING!

  1. Flower on

    I was tired of packing my belongings to move to my new home. I sat down and I heard my body say just do nothing for 2 days. I said to myself, ‘everything comes in perfect, time, place sequence.’ In those 2 days, I had friends offering to help me pack up and take stuff to the charity shop. It’s all working out for me. X X X

  2. Tiffany Lewis on

    Good gracious Kute. You leave me speechless with your message as usual. I love it! Such talent, it’s remarkable & perfect timing!!! XOXOXO


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