We have all done things in the past that we regret or wish we hadn’t.

Holding onto anger at yourself for what you could, should or would have done is a waste of time and robs you of the precious moment.

What are you still holding onto?

What are you still judging yourself for, beating yourself up about, angry at yourself for from the past?

Anger about some financial decisions you made years ago that went south?

Guilt about not being the “perfect” parent?

Shame about an addiction or something you did in the past?

Forgive yourself.

Let it go.

Only you have the power to set yourself free.

The past only has as much power over you as you give it.

Just because you made your bed, doesn’t mean you have to lie in it forever. At any moment you can remake your life and make a different choice.

You cannot live the life you want by focusing on the life you wished you had.

As human beings, we all have lessons that our soul needs to learn. This is why you are born.

You are not here to be a perfect human being, but to learn to love yourself and others unconditionally, including your imperfections. This is a life journey, it may take you weeks, months, years. Or a lifetime. Being human is a lifetime course in love. Especially learning to love yourself, compassion and patience are key.

If you never made a mistake and were going to do it all perfectly, then there would be no reason for you to be born. Think of Life as a school, every person and every experience is your teacher.

Every experience in your life is an opportunity for you to choose, grow and learn about yourself. Everything that happens is to serve your soul’s evolution.

So regardless of what you did or didn’t do in the past, what’s more important is what you do in the moment.

It’s not simply what happened to you, but your ability to use each situation to learn your lessons.

As a human being on life’s journey, you will make mistakes. It’s natural. Embrace and accept it. Then you shift your perspective to seeing certain experiences as a mistake, and more about learning opportunities.

Your real success isn’t based on being perfect and never making a mistake, but the degree to which you learned from each situation and grew into your authentic self.

All lessons are repeated until fully learned. So make sure once you learn it, you really learn it and LIVE it in your daily life. Many of us know, but do not always make the choices we know deep down we need to. This just keeps you stuck repeatedly dealing with the same patterns in your life.

Every so called “mistake” is just the price you pay to learn lessons in the seminar of life. Make sure you get the lesson, so it’s worth it.

So have some compassion for yourself, your process and your life journey.

It’s OK.

You are OK.

Do your best.

At each stage of your life, you did the best you could given the resources you had at that time.

Had you known better, or been in a better place within yourself, you would have done better.

Beating yourself up solves nothing.

Judging yourself doesn’t change the past.

Punishing yourself serves no one.

All it does is keep you stuck and disempowered in the moment, and as a result, recreating the past in your future. It’s what you do in the present that will affect your future.

Sometimes I see people not forgiving themselves as a way to punish themselves for their wrong-doings, like that will somehow right what they did in the past.

It won’t.

Sometimes I see people not forgiving themselves because unconsciously it can be a sneaky way to keep yourself stuck and avoid the risk and vulnerability of moving forward with your life.

Even behind your most negative, self-destructive behaviors is a positive intention. If you look deeper, you will find some part of you was likely trying to get you something positive. Whether it was love, a sense of wholeness, or safety.

What is it time to forgive yourself for?

Self forgiveness is your act of power.

Choose today.

Set yourself free.

Step into your future.

Do it.



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5 comments on “How to Forgive Yourself and Set Yourself FREE!

  1. Mélanie Lemay on

    Aloha Kute!
    You are such an inspiration. I thrive in life, & your expression is always a great reminder to be in awe.
    Thank you.

    NOW, I wrote to you before about you coming to Kauai (Hawaii) to guide a retreat. I would like to discuss possibilities. I could host you on a sacred amazing land. Please send me the info of the person to contact for this (if not you).

  2. Nancy Chomicz on

    Sadly, your video is not compatible with Apple’s most recent Operating System, which I have. The message says that Adobe has to be updated, which I do and then it says that Windows does not support Apple’s OS. Any way for you to use another application other than Adobe? Thanks.


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