Simply give up trying to be spiritual.

Just be your most authentic self.

Spirit is what you already are and what you will always be, nothing can take away from that reality. It’s your true nature.

We sometimes think that being spiritual means reciting holy texts…

Wearing certain kinds of clothes…

Only eating a certain kind of food…

Doing difficult yoga postures…

Spirituality is not simply in the form. But really in the formless.

It’s not about the clothes you wear.. Or don’t. Or what it looks like on the surface. All external things are constantly changing. They all come and go as part of the impermanence of life. All forms change and holding onto them will only lead to suffering.

What is important is your inner connection to the unchanging consciousness within you, that is you. It’s about where your attention is inside yourself as you take action on the outside.

Spirituality is not simply something that you DO. Acting spiritual doesn’t make you spiritual. It’s what you BE…

When you connect with your real Self and live from that depth of your being, you transform everything that you come into contact with.

As you connect to your real self, you connect to the source of life itself. You become powerful and no longer dependent on the outside world for validation.

To be spiritual is not just to love some outside force but to love and accept yourself exactly as you are and as you aren’t. Your light and your dark.

As you love yourself unconditionally, a beautiful freedom and peace opens up within you.

So being spiritual is not just a special thing that you do in church on Sunday.

Or simply on your yoga mat for an hour or two.

Or in the Himalayas whilst you meditate in silence.

Spiritual is how you live your life in each moment.

It’s in how you treat yourself, your parents, your co-workers, the person in traffic, even those you don’t like and those that piss you off the most.

Every single second of your life is an opportunity to practice your spirituality in life.

Everyone is an opportunity, and every experience an invitation to live it.

There is no separation between your “regular” life and your spiritual life.

There are no special moments because every moment you are alive is sacred and special.

Then you begin to live your spirituality in the midst of the busyness of your everyday life. You no longer have to escape your life but enter into your life as a powerful meditation.

As you know who you are and place your attention on gratitude and love, you then transform each moment. Then as you make love, wash the dishes, cook dinner, spend time with your kids, drive to work, talk on the phone, it all becomes a sacred act.

Life is the ultimate spiritual practice.

It gives you the opportunity to live your prayers, and dare to embody love as a living reality amidst all of life’s challenges. It can be quite difficult at moments but each time you open your heart and love, you expand.

Every challenge that you face gives you the opportunity to develop your spiritual muscle and strengthen your capacity to love.

Everyone is your guru and teacher reflecting to you what you need to see within yourself.

What’s the point in chanting sacred sutras, doing difficult yoga poses, raising your kundalini, if you fail to love the incarnation of the Divine right in front of you in the form of your spouse, in-laws, kids, co-workers and friends.

To love fully in every moment is the most powerful prayer you can offer.

Every time you are bold enough to love, you grow wings to fly.

Love is spirituality In action.

Are you loving fully?



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10 comments on “How to BE Spiritual

  1. Gerald Rogers on

    Bravo Kute… That was one of the most beautiful, and relevant messages about Love and Spirituality I have watched in a long time…. It is rare that I am able to watch a video online that is more than 2-3 minutes, but you had me engaged for the entire video, thinking about my own life, my own message, and how I can be a more powerful expression of Love in my life.

    • Stephen Atkins on

      Kute ,
      Your words are so true about being real of who you really are . I have almost died and was brought back into this world for a reason and before I was living a sinful, hateful life that I cannot even talk about. Now I am alive and my heart is spiritually pure and full of love and I am a whole different person because of it. When I hear someone speak about love and spirituality the way you did, it really inspires me. You spoke with passion and I think it’s very powerful. I do believe in the enter soul , the mecca of life …

      • Kute Blackson on

        Thanks Stephen!!!!! I am happy to hear your journey and the depth you have gone through and that you have emerged stronger and more YOU. Happy to and humbled to know you felt inspired!!!! Sending you much love.

    • Kute Blackson on

      Hi Gerald!!! So glad you enjoyed the video and the message. And that it causes you to think about your message. This warms my heart.. and inspires me to give more!!! Keep on brother!!!

  2. Diane Stewart on

    Thank you Kute, Your message is always in perfect time and perfect rhyme. When I accept my own divinity and vow to live as fully aware and continually live fully out that divinity, Spirit is me and shows up in, as and through me. All I have is the rest of my life to master that. Helpful reminders are like the signposts along the way. I am looking forward to the Secret for Success summit, glad to meet you on my journey.

    • Kute Blackson on

      Hi Diane!!!! Sending you love!!! Keep embracing your divinity!!!!! and shine!!!! Yes, see you on the Secret to Success Summit!!!!!! a joy to meet you!!!

    • Kute Blackson on

      Big hug Linda… yes.. I just share my heart. and allow whatever wants to come through to express through me!!!! big hug!

  3. Ann-Kristin on

    Danke, Kute

    Love you & your words very much.
    P.S. Thank You for the inspiring interview with Marianne Williamson at the Secret to Success Summit .

    • Kute Blackson on

      Much love to you Ann-Kristin!!!!! Happy to hear you enjoyed the blog… and are inspired by the Summit so far!!! It’s just the beginning!


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