There are no good or bad feelings.

Feelings are a signal communicating to you a message of what you need to pay attention to within yourself.

Feelings are simply energy. And how you deal with that energy will determine your experience in any given moment.

We are often taught to believe that certain feelings are better than others.

When you suppress your feelings they stay stuck deep inside you creating blockages. We tend to avoid, deny, disconnect, suppress, or try to get rid of the feelings that we call “negative”.

What feelings do you suppress? What impact does it have?

Resisting your negative feelings just keeps you stuck.

When you have a feeling that feels uncomfortable, the key is to embrace it completely. Notice the sensations in your body. Welcome the feeling without judgment. When you judge yourself for feeling a certain way it simply keeps you stuck in it.

Whatever you allow yourself to feel in a healthy manner will dissolve. Whatever you don’t allow yourself to feel in a healthy manner will often end up creating blockages within you, thus leading to illness, depression, and inevitably end up being expressed in unhealthy ways.

Many of our outbursts, and acting out, is the manifestation of suppressed emotions that we haven’t dealt with or given healthy expression to.

Part of why we tend to be afraid, is that our negative feelings will last forever, that they will overwhelm us or that we won’t be able to handle it.

In dealing with negative feelings, it’s important to remember that – No feeling lasts forever. Every feeling has a natural cycle. So when you have a negative feeling, resisting it, tends to keep it there longer. On the flip side, when you have a positive feeling, getting attached to it and trying to hold onto it forever tends to push it away.

Experience your experience whilst you are experiencing them.

Resisting your negative feelings only leads to more suffering. So take the labels off, and honor the energy you feel moving inside you. It’s there for a reason telling you that some part of you is needing your attention.

Feelings are a powerful signal and feedback mechanism to navigate life and stay on course with your heart’s deepest truth.

Feelings are your friend.






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7 comments on “How To Deal With Negative Feelings

  1. Rebecca on

    Hi Kute,

    Thanks for sending this through and your work in the field. It came at a really serendipitous moment and I hope to remember and apply it as best I can.

    You legend!


    Rebecca AUS

    • Kute Blackson on

      YES Rebecca!! All you can do is your best. Watch this often to help you practice and apply it in your life. Sending you love!!!

  2. Jo on

    Thank you so much kute for such a simplistic yet powerful explanation. I like the point about not labelling the feelings as I find this tends to put fear in the way and thus creates more of what you feel . Thank you

  3. Sara on

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I don’t think I can hear this one enough. The only thing missing is a hug at the end đŸ˜‰
    Thanks again

    • Kute Blackson on

      Thank you Sara! BIG HUG to you!!!! Listen to this often and apply in your life. Keep on!!! Much love!

  4. Yashasvi Srivastava on

    Thank you soooooo much!!! Well I want to ask you that I recive negetive feelings while studying or reading . How do I deal with that ? Do I have to followup the rule told by you in studies also?


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