You are light.

Yet we often learn to hide our light in order to fit in.

From a very young age we are told to:


Be quiet.

Not cause trouble.

Be polite.

Be a nice boy/girl.

Play it safe.

Do the right thing.

Be normal.

What is “normal” anyways, other than someone’s idea based on their own concepts and conditioning?

There are no shortage of people who will tell you how you should live your life.

There are no shortage of people who will tell you who you should love.

There are no shortage of people who will tell you the kind of person you need to be.

There are no shortage of people who will tell you what your limits are and what you cannot achieve.

If you listen to their voices, it will kill the life of your dreams.

And often in order to fit in, be loved, validated, gain acceptance from family and friends, we tend to compromise who we really are. We pretend to be who we think they want us to be. We hide our light so those around us won’t be uncomfortable.

When you compromise your essence in any relationship or friendship, you betray yourself. And in doing so, a part of you dies. It’s not worth it.

Even if you do get the “love” from the other person, you aren’t free, and it won’t be deeply fulfilling. There’s a part of you deep down that knows they aren’t really loving you, since you aren’t being the real you.

What use is it to have the love of the world but not your own?

Real freedom is to love and accept yourself unconditionally as you are and as you aren’t.

Love and accept yourself even if there are moments you find it difficult to love and accept yourself. As you learn to love and accept even your non-acceptance, a profound peace will be yours.

As you love who you are, you acknowledge and nourish the light within you. The light inside you then grows stronger.

There’s nothing humble about playing small. This is just the ego’s game in reverse. When you know who you really are, you know that what is magnificent and shines is not “you” in the egoic sense, but the essence of your being. This essence is the same essence inside us all.

To put yourself out into the world and share your gifts can be a vulnerable and a scary thing. Being visible it’s easy to be a target for people’s criticism. So we hide because it’s safer and more comfortable.

Let the magnitude of your vision be bigger than the grip of your fears. As you step into your greatness and share your gifts with the world, people will have all sorts of opinions about you. They are entitled to their opinions. Remember it’s THEIR opinions, and how they perceive you reveals more about them than about you!

Playing small serves no one. In fact when you let your light shine, it reminds those around you of the very same light inside of them.

Some people will be inspired by your example and use your example to up their own game in life. Some people will feel feel jealous as it’s a reminder of where they aren’t living their greatness. But know they have just forgotten that you are showing them their own potential.

Your responsibility is not to make those around you feel comfortable. Your responsibility is to be an unapologetic manifestation of love on this planet.

Your responsibility is not to live anyone else’s life but your own. The greatest gift you can give your parents and all those around you is not being who you think they want you to be, but to be yourself fully!

It’s not selfish to let your light shine. In fact, it’s selfish NOT to let your light shine. The world misses out on so many amazing gifts when you hold back sharing your gifts.

You can wait for someone to give you permission to be great.

You can wait for the right time.

You can wait for a special sign.

But the fact you are alive right now, reading these words, is the very sign that you are indeed ready.

So give yourself full permission.


The universe already has and believes in you. The fact that you are alive is proof.

It’s time to stop hiding, and shine your light.

You are Light!

The world is waiting for YOU!



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P.P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What’s the gift you were born to give?

8 comments on “Stop Hiding and Let Your Light SHINE!

  1. DeBora on

    Kute, it’s as if you’ve been peering into my life. Just last night, when sleep kept its distance, I posted on FB the desire to be FREE, free from rules that I had no part in making. I was the girl who was told to “dial back” and asked “Who do you think you are?” because I followed my heart. Then I started wanting to fit in and be loved, especially by my siblings. Well, now I’m reclaiming myself. I ain’t normal…and choose to stop trying to act like I am. My shero Dr. Maya Angelou puts it this way: “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing your can be.” Today I am choosing to SHINE! Thanks for showing me I’m on course.

  2. Sydney on

    Inspiring! Right on! I love the message that humility is owning who we authentically are! I own my light and rise up in magnificence!

  3. Flower-Jayne on

    Thank you Kute! I spent years holding back. It’s time to shine! I think i’m a disco ball. Big Hugs 🙂

  4. teresa on

    I just shared this powerful message with some of my wonderful young adult relatives and told them, that they now are the shining light and so they are!!!
    thank you for constantly reminding us of our bright, shiny light xo

    • Kute Blackson on

      Thank you Teresa!!! So happy that you’re sharing with those you love! Keep on shining your amazing light!!! Hugs.


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