Your father is your father.

He may not be a perfect human being but he gave you the seed for life.

This gift is everything and without this you wouldn’t be here.

I believe that the father you have in this lifetime is no accident. He is the one you were meant to have. He is the one your soul chose because it knew he would teach you the lessons you most needed to learn.

You are born into this world to have a human experience. And through the many experiences to remember who you really are. You are here to learn, grow and evolve.

The father you have is the perfect father for the evolution of your soul and the lessons that you needed to learn in this lifetime.

What are the lessons that your soul is here to learn from your father?

He may not have given you what you most wanted.

He may not have been there for you in the ways you had deeply hoped.

He might have let you down at times.

Or he could have been simply amazing.

Regardless, honor your father for what he did give you. As you honor your father and make peace with who he is and isn’t, you free yourself and take your power back.

As you accept him as he is, you become available to receiving what he is able to give you rather than focusing on what he isn’t.

Whatever you are able to honor in your father, you are also able to embrace in yourself. As you honor it in him, you honor that in you.

Holding onto anger, bitterness and resentment towards your father serves nothing. All you do is limit your own life.

As you forgive your father, you not only set him free but also yourself. You set yourself free from the generational patterns of the past, passed down through your lineage. In doing so, you also give a gift of freedom to the generations of your future.

Even if you are right about your father’s wrong, it doesn’t right what happened in the past. It’s in the past, and it can’t be changed. Holding onto your position about being right won’t make you truly happy. Neither will it bring you closer with your father.

Forgiving your father doesn’t minimize or condone what happened. You forgive not for him but ultimately for yourself.

You may end up having the ideal relationship with your father, which would be amazing.

Then again you might end up never having the kind of relationship you wanted.

What’s ultimately important is your relationship with your father within yourself, inside of your own heart – the inner relationship.

No matter what your relationship with your father is today, remember that he is also a human being with his own journey. He has his own issues, fears, and soul lessons to work out. You are both souls on this magnificent journey called life.

As you honor your father, you honor where you came from.

As you honor where you came from, you empower where you are going to.

Your father is one of the greatest teachers you will have in this life. He will show you things about yourself. He will show you the example of what you want to be and even what you do not want to be.

Your father is not just YOUR father but a vessel through which your soul is given life. He doesn’t just belong to you, but he is also a child of the Infinite. You and your father come from the same one consciousness.

Your father will not be alive forever. So say what you need to say and when the day comes that he is no longer here, you have no regrets.

Your father is perhaps one of your biggest opportunities to learn to love in this lifetime.

Love your father just because, with no expectations for anything in return. Then you are free.

The rest is just details.



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P.P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you most love about your father in the comments below.

10 comments on “The Power of Honoring Your Father (Happy Father’s Day!)

  1. kati on

    yes. my father always did the best relative to his state of self love and his own wounds. is there a part of me that wishes there was more evidence of love….yes…..and yet there is no resentment. i bless him in gratitude for all that he was and chose. i now say to me and do for me what i wish i had received from him. my inner masculine is offering me what i most need as my inner parent. forgiveness is the key. i am so grateful for the practise of ho’oponopono. thank you kute for bringing this awareness to consciousness. blessed be.

  2. Catherine on

    Kati, Beautifully stated, all of it! You touched my heart with your heart felt words. I’m sure your father is bowing to you in gratitude for your love, forgiveness and open heart.
    May you be blessed!


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