Failure is a lie.

It isn’t real.

Failure is an interpretation of reality. But it isn’t reality.

I hear people talking about failure as though it’s an actual thing. An entity that exists.

“I am afraid of failure.”

Like saying, “I am afraid of Mike Tyson or snakes!”


Failure is simply how you choose to see a given situation and set of outcomes in a given moment. But not a real thing.

As you see the nature of failure for what it is, your relationship with failure completely transforms. You have been afraid of something that wasn’t real!

As your perception of failure shifts it becomes clear that there is in fact nothing to be afraid of.

For too long, we have allowed so called fear of failure to stop us from taking action on our dreams. For too long, we have allowed the fear of failure to hijack our dreams.

No more.

There is no such thing as failure. It’s simply feedback that the universe is giving you. And as a result the opportunity to course correct, reevaluate, and take more effective action.

When things don’t work out, fall apart, don’t go according to plan, you can label it failure and allow it to limit you. This will only disempower you. Or you can view it as an opportunity.

Along the journey of manifesting a dream, you will surely hit roadblocks along the way. It’s normal. Success is not a straight line but a journey of constant zig zags. If you don’t, then likely your goal isn’t big enough. Any worthy goal will stretch you and challenge every fiber in your being. Any worthy goal won’t happen instantly.

You can feel bad about yourself and down about what happened. This serves nothing.

Or you can look at what you need to shift, learn, course correct and adjust accordingly.

When things aren’t working out, it might mean that you don’t have the right strategy or roadmap. It might mean you aren’t pursuing the most authentic dream. And need to dig deeper within to feel what is more aligned for you.

I believe that in those times when things don’t work out in your life: You get fired. A relationship falls apart. You don’t get the project. That is in fact the compassionate Grace of the Universe loving you. That there is something better in store for you.

Perhaps, had what you wanted actually happened the way you wanted, you wouldn’t have been ready for that level of success. Or had you met your soulmate and you hadn’t dealt with your own issues, the relationship would have ended prematurely.

Trust that when things don’t work out according to your plan, that it’s not a failure. It’s an opportunity and a moment for you to learn, reevaluate, and deepen within yourself.

Real success is not simply the attainment of a goal but the person you become along the way. Material goals come and go, but no one can take from you who you become and the evolution of your soul.

As a human being, you aren’t born to be a perfect person. There is no perfection at the level of your personality. You were born because there were things that your soul needed to learn. You learn through experiences. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will “fail”. It doesn’t matter that you failed, it matters that you learn, grow and evolve.

Every experience is a learning opportunity and every relationship is an opportunity to learn.

Every day that you are growing, you succeed regardless of your outer circumstance. Sometimes you learn more from your so-called failures than your successes.

Anyone who did anything great or impacted the world, “failed”.


Michael Jordan

Babe Ruth

Steve Jobs

JK Rowling

The real measure of a human being is how you deal with failure.

So I invite you to fail often.

Fail quickly.

The more you do the more quickly you learn what not to do and accelerate your journey of success.

So how do you overcome the fear of failure?

You see truth that there is actually no such thing as failure.

Failure is a misperception of reality.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

The truth is that you actually can’t.

Be bold.

Play big.



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8 comments on “Overcoming Fear of Failure

  1. sharon on

    I appreciate this except of over your fear/ I always say failure is a school which is where you learn dail. But dont stay at that school for long.
    Seen Jesus in transformation is awesome Kute .


  2. Kelly Basaraba on

    Real success is not simply the attainment of a goal but the person you become along the way…… I love this, thank you.


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