Imagine you were given $84,600 in your bank account. And every night it was gone, whether you used it wisely or wasted it. You would do everything in your power to spend it fully.

Well look at it this way, each day you have 84,600 seconds. And once it’s goneā€¦ it’s gone. You don’t get interest on the time you don’t use.

You have one life to live.

Every second that you waste worrying, robs you of the previous time you had.

You can’t get that time back once gone, it’s gone forever.

Worrying doesn’t change the thing you are worrying about.

For many people, worry can be an addiction!

So what do you stress and worry about?

We worry about the future, and most of the things that we worry about haven’t even happened yet.

Or we worry about things that could potentially happen, but are likely to never.

Time spent worrying about the future robs you of this moment. And since what you focus on expands, if you are focusing on everything that might go wrong, then you won’t be in a resourceful state today.

The state you are in today will determine the actions you take. And it’s the actions that you take today that will shape your tomorrow.

If you keep focusing on the worst, it will likely become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So in moments of stress, bring yourself back to the moment. Breathe. Refocus. Connect with your heart.

Underlying worry is the need to control.

We also worry about things that aren’t in our control. Other people’s opinions, the weather, economy, etc.

Have you noticed that when you focus on those things, it is disempowering because you can’t do anything about it?

Instead, focus on what you can control. And do everything you can that is in your power. This requires responsibility. In any given situation, when you truly do your best, you can live in peace with yourself.

Every second of your life is a gift.

Savor each moment.

Life gives no refunds.

So as you begin each day, ask yourself, “How would I need to live today in order to have no regrets?”

Your time is now.

Stop worrying and start living.



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4 comments on “How To Stop Worrying and Start Living

  1. Eric on


    This is just what I needed, thanks a million.

    And, I would like to assist with your book
    tour. I sent two request for information
    but I have not received a reply.

    Thank again, I look forward to hearing
    from you.



  2. kati on

    what a great mantra to use….how do i live today in order to have no regrets. wow, does that leave me off the hook. having no regrets is like a clean slate on which to leave only love prints of the heart. that is my purpose in life, i now see….to love BIG! and that means no regrets at the end of the day! and so i breathe, refocus and connect with my heart, where all Truth dwells.
    thank you, Kute!!!


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