What people think about you is not in your control.

People will think what they think and project onto you their opinions based on their filters, past and conditioning. They aren’t judging you, but what they perceive to be you.

It’s not personal.

Remember that just because someone thinks a certain way about you doesn’t mean it’s actually true.

When you give your power away by investing so much in what people think about you and their opinions, it robs you of energy.

Know this: Whenever you are up to something big, or think differently than everyone else, whether it’s a vision or a goal, there will be many people that don’t understand and will judge you.

Some of those folks may even be close to you, like your family. And because they want to keep you close to them, when they see you growing and stepping into your power, they might feel threatened and afraid of losing you. So they may be negative, unsupportive and even try and diminish your vision.

Rather than get upset and be reactive, realize that they are coming from fear and simply love them.

Then there are those that have never met you, barely even know you and say negative things about you.

Why would you give so much of your energy to someone who doesn’t know the real you anyways?

What they think about you reveals more about them than it does about you!

As you step into your power, you often remind them of the ways in which they are not doing so, and it can trigger a feeling of pain, jealousy and insecurity. So they attack you as a way to deal with their own feelings.

Remember, it’s not personal, even though it might seem to be when you are on the receiving end of someone’s attack.

Being on the receiving end of someone’s negativity is never pleasant, especially when you have good intentions in doing what you are doing.

To put yourself and your heart out into the world and share your gifts is a vulnerable thing. It takes tremendous courage.

Have such a big vision or one that is so deeply meaningful to you, that you actually don’t have the time to spend worrying about the smallness of people’s opinions. Your vision requires all of you.

When people talk negatively about you, or attack you with their opinions, you can react with defensiveness and attack back from your own hurt. But all this does is bring you down to their level. And there is no “winning” this way.

You will never convince the haters and naysayers of who you really are. And trying to is such a waste of your precious energy.

You have nothing to prove to anyone. Just the fact you were born into this world is your validation.

Instead, know who you really are and let how you live your life speak louder than words. There are lots of people that talk a good talk. But talk is cheap. When you live your life with the integrity of your heart and align your life’s actions with integrity, you live in peace with yourself no matter what anyone might say about you.

Then how you live will be your best response.

Make peace with the fact that as you share your gifts with the world, people will talk and think all sorts of things about you.

What’s important is not what they think about you, but what you think and feel about you.

So, what do you think about you?



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8 comments on “Overcoming The Fear of What People Think About You

  1. Sonia on

    Thank you, you are the best and you inspire me with your smile, warmth, energy and wisdom. Thank you!!!
    Love and light

  2. JUNE on

    Why does it take us so long to learn this. My mother was my full time critic and agitated all the rest of the family. I was 36 before I realized I had a right to live although putting that into effect was not easy.

    Love you too, Kute,



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