Everyone wants the miracles, but nobody wants to deal with the mundane things in life. We spend so much time seeking the peak moments and chasing the highs.

Those special moments of peak intensity: Orgasm. Achieving a lifelong dream. Dream exotic vacation. Gourmet meal. Being on stage. The meditation high. Signing the deal.

We must remember that life is made up of everything in between. Changing diapers. Dealing with traffic. Balancing checkbooks. Waiting in line at a store.

Life happens not in those moments that you arrive at your destination but in each step along the way. The magic is not just in the peak moments, it’s in every moment.

Your relationship with everything in between will determine your quality of life!

Life happens in the “in between”.

When you embrace the mundane, a powerful shift happens. You go from waiting for anything in your life to be different, and instead, having total presence with what is happening now.

Something amazing happens when your complete attention is here and now. You feel fully alive.

As you stop chasing the high and equally embrace the low, every moment becomes Special and Sacred. Everywhere becomes holy.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your ability to enjoy the seeming mundane, since this is where most of your life takes place.

Orgasm lasts for a moment.

Winning the Grammy or Oscar for a few minutes.

It’s what happens in between that counts. It’s in the in between that you put in the work. Much of this work isn’t sexy. Much of it no one will see or even want to do. But this work is the very foundation of success. Those seemingly small things you do each day will one day be rewarded with a harvest. Regardless, it’s in the “in between” that you grow the most.

We are sold this idea that we should feel high and happy all the time. But life contains everything. And no peak moment lasts forever. Life has cycles and seasons.

Life contains duality. Up/Down. Yin/Yang. Peak/Valley. So if you are addicted to chasing the peak moments, your emotions will likely fluctuate.

Any state, no matter how great, is temporary. It comes and goes. When you stop chasing the highs, you find an inner balance. And from this inner balance, you can create sustained success over the course of time.

It’s not the mundane that matters but what you bring to the mundane that makes the difference.

So while you are doing what you consider mundane daily tasks, rather than zoning out and disconnect, remember the “WHY?”

“WHY” are you doing what you are doing? When you stay connected to the “WHY”, then the mundane action transforms. The phone calls you are making, the email you are writing or whatever you might be doing are infused with purpose.

For example, instead of seeing your job as stressful, choose to see it as an opportunity to share and practice loving. Sometimes changing how you see something changes your entire experience.

When you add meaning to the mundane, you connect to the deeper reason that you are doing what you are doing. Then you find the magic in each moment.

When you embrace the mundane, you stop waiting for the moment to be any different.

What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting.

When you embrace the mundane in your life, you remember the miracle that is each moment!



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11 comments on “How To Make Your Mundane Into Miracles

  1. Heather Engman on

    This is beautiful, providing me with insight on how to become more self-sufficient in joy. Thank you. I wonder if you would speak to the relationship/balance between being self-sufficient in joy/completely full in oneself and a calling to partnership and discovering the depths of growth, love, compassion and forgiveness through living at peace with another person.


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