We have all faced disappointment.

It’s a part of life.

The deal falling through.

Not getting the job you wanted.

The relationship that didn’t work out.

It can be hard to want something so much, and have it not work out.

It’s easy to let the disappointment discourage you and make you lose hope.

Trust that when things don’t go the way that you had wanted, there is something better seeking to happen in your life. You might not be able to see that right now. But it will become clear. Often what ends up happening ends up better than you could have planned!

So get curious and stay open. 

Many times in my life, it was only in retrospect that I was able to be grateful and to realize that NOT getting what I thought I wanted was in fact the grace of the universe!

When you feel disappointment, it’s the opportunity to surrender. Surrender your expectation and attachments and let go of what you thought should have happened.

When you surrender your attachment to the outcome, you bring yourself into the flow. 

When you face setbacks along the way to your goal, you can wallow in the disappointment or focus on learning the lessons.

Consider that life is giving you the opportunity to let go of what is no longer in alignment with your highest most authentic self.

When things seem to fall apart, it’s tempting to hold onto the old and familiar for a sense of safety. Instead, let go and see what is truly seeking to emerge.

During challenging times it’s easy to get disheartened and lose hope. Instead, keep the faith, stay true to your vision.

So when faced with challenges, ask yourself:

– What’s the gift of this challenging time?

– What are the lessons that my soul is seeking to experience?

– In the future what will I look back and say was great about this moment?

Life is an amazing opportunity to grow and evolve. This is why we are born. Every experience is an invitation to become more of who you truly are and evolve as a soul.

So don’t let disappointment stop you, remember that challenging situations are like the gymnasium for your soul’s growth.

You are ready.



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6 comments on “How To Deal With Disappointment

  1. Nancy Walters on

    AMAZINGLY said. And right on point. After a period of processing major disappointment and all the associates ups and downs that go along with it, I am ready to surrender to the goodness of life and be EXCITED at its unfolding.. Congrats on the book deal and having another medium for your inspiration and vision to be spread throughout the world.

  2. Sally Sanford on

    I love listening to your wisdom and spiritual enthusiasm. However, how do I surrender to the Universe that losing all three of my children is just a disappointment in life and move forward with gratitude. I’ve been on a spiritual journey since I lost my two daughters in 2001 and my son in 2008. I’ve done a lot of spiritual work and am continuing with life thus far, but not viewing this as a life “disappointment”. Some things you don’t “surrender” to no matter how hard you try. I’ve resigned to the fact my children are gone but will never surrender to one of life’s “disappointments” and view it as an opportunity for something better.


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