No one can take advantage of you unless you allow it.

It’s your responsibility.

People treat you how you teach them to treat you.

How are you teaching people in your life to treat you?

When you choose to stop blaming others for how they treat you and take responsibility for what you have allowed, you are no longer a victim.

Focusing on what they are doing or not doing and pointing the finger is a waste of energy and solves nothing.

Stop blaming and you set yourself free.

There are moments when you must learn to say “No” to others. It may sometimes be challenging and might upset those around you. But saying “Yes” and allowing yourself to be taken advantage of doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

When you don’t set your healthy boundaries, you betray yourself. And in doing so, you take advantage of YOU.

It’s time to stop.

As you honor yourself and make choices that affirm your self respect and self loving, you become powerful. Those around you will feel your energy, strength and alignment. As a result, they learn to treat you with the same respect that you treat yourself.

And the people in your life tend to mirror your own relationship with yourself.

It starts with you.

You have the power.



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6 comments on “How To Stop Being Taken Advantage of By People

  1. Kristina on

    Noone is worth my happiness, my freedom =my birth right.
    Nobody deserves the power I give to them by blaming the. !Love it ! I was not aware of it. Big news. Thank you! I come from a family of abusive dynamic, me being zero serving and sacrifising to others, them being everything. That time, it was not my responsibility. As an adult it is my power -my responsibility to rewire my brain in a different way. I chose to remove 80% of people from my life who either hated me/envying, copying me or were not interested and I did not die of being alone, I feel better. I am revisiting my last 20 % who start to fall behind my true needs as I grow the feeling for my value and I notice that these people are no longer a fit. Staying around would only make me resentful, would deplete my energy by overgiving and receiving too little back. I am preparing to make the move to remove one friend of 10 years from my space…all the feelings of being not heard, not seen, taken advantage of are coming up. Nothing has changed the past 10 years, whatever I do, the same story repeating -her reality. My reality – I want more. I am terrified of taking this responsibility for myself ..there is the voice in my head telling me “who do you think you are ?, be happy to have at least some friend”, 10 years, such a good fit, donĀ“t be silly, settle, wait, it will pass, she will eventually stop ignoring you, some feedback or care are better than nothing. Be patient, do care for her, you can do it, be loving, give to her, she needs you, she will return one day “….I am sick and tired of listening to this voice, and although my heart bleeds to “do harm to someone else” and is afraid to stand up for myself, I choose to take action to protect my true feelings and cut this friend off. I cannot wait anymore whether “her reality” changes towards me ( I waited 9 years, that odd feelings of taking advantage of me, my reality, already so old !). Being compassionate, kind does not mean I let someone to let his shit over me !!!

    My Xmas present to myself.


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