There are all kinds of people on the planet. Some aren’t always honest.

They sometimes lie, cheat or hide the truth. And it can be very painful especially when it impacts you directly.

People lie out of fear. The fear that if I tell the truth you won’t love me. Or not feeling that there’s another way to get certain needs met. Or lying to feel significant, look good and save face.

It can hurt deeply when someone lies to you, let alone someone whom you love deeply. The feeling of betrayal and pain can be heartbreaking.

It’s not possible to stop people from lying or being dishonest. This you have no control over. It’s only possible to be responsible for your own awareness, discernment and choices.

When lied to its easy to go into a victim position, and wallow in self pity. “Why did they do this to me?” Which only keeps you powerless and serves no purpose whatsoever.

Or you can choose to take responsibility for your choices.

Remember that everyone is doing the best that they can at their given level of their evolution.

Deep down we often know when people are lying to us. There are times when it’s undeniably obvious. However, there are moments when it’s not.

Yet even in those times, if you are totally honest, chances are that you may have had a sense that something was off but ignored it.

It’s easy to ignore, especially if you have no proof.

How many times have you had a hunch about something or someone but ignored it?

Pay attention to this very subtle feeling. It’s there for a reason. It’s your intuition. When you ignore or deny this subtle feeling, sense of intuition, you betray yourself. This is where the problem starts.

In doing so you lie to yourself.

When you ignore your intuition about someone you aren’t being responsible or respectful to yourself.

When you pay attention to your subtle intuitive feeling, you can honor what you feel and as a result make decisions about how to relate with people in a way that honors you.

People may lie to you, but when you don’t lie to yourself about their lying, you break out of the cycle of unnecessary suffering.

So when dealing with people in life, feel deeper, and trust your inner knowing. Don’t just listen to words, feel underneath to the intent and energy.

Don’t get lost in the fantasy of their potential and have an imaginary relationship. Have the courage to face reality of who they are right now directly. This will set you free.

Yes you will lose some friends, but if by being honest with yourself and speaking your truth they fall away, it just means that you are no longer vibrating on the same level.

Ultimately no one can lie to anyone. At the deepest level our souls are communicating with each other beyond words. Your souls know, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Quieten your mental chatter, bring your attention to the deeper level of your soul and listen.

You will hear the truth.

You are guided. Your soul has a GPS. It knows.

Trust and set yourself free.



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4 comments on “How To Tell When Someone Is Lying To You

  1. Ann-Kristin on

    Dear Kute, there are only a few people I listen to on this planet, you are definitely one of them. I know deep in my soul/heart that every word you speak is true. So thank you very much for everything you do/are. Have a peaceful holiday & a wonderful 2016. All my best to you, Ann-Kristin*

  2. Iris on

    Kute, thank you…… your knowledge and thoughts, your smile and voice,
    your enthusiasm and humor…all in one package-makes my day, makes me feel good and lighter. I definatly had “problems” with not feeling the
    ” lying business”…this is a real eye opener and: the vibrations just do not match anymore…time to leave or change the job…sounds easy and it is!
    Thank you from Germany!!!!

  3. Kristina on

    Thank you for this video. Awesome help. It is actually sad to me -as I set myself often for betrayal, because I guess what I must overcome, the false believes, past hurts and traumas are keeping me too weak to set myself free and trust my knowing, the inner inteligence. I realised that most of the time, yes, I set myself for lies, betrayl..because of not hearing the intuition. I am glad to have some tools to trust myself, trust myself that when I feel the tiny disconection, when I hear people saying things, doing what they do, that I must trust it more than my imagination “fairy tale” in my head that “it would be so great, finally I found someone to…help me, to guide me, years ago it was about a life partner. I must confirm that since I fell sick, my connection between body and “something in my mind” is super fast -it makes me sick, but it is a good indicator of “the reality around me”. I never had any problems in my body with kind, truthful people even though they could have done for me what I wanted. I see I create my reality, my vision, my world in my head -the good one world where first people I meet are “those ones” or at least those with the potential. Like a magic. If things don´t turn out into reality, I try to fix it, support, help, work hard, believe, have faith into this projection-imagination. It feels super hard for me to know that they are people who are ready to lie, not really help, string someone along etc….
    On the other hand, the results I had when I listened to these feelings, the body. So far, the hardest one is the projection for me, seeing the potential in people, in situations vs listening to the reality (because I believe that it would be too hard, the world would be too bad when some people lie etc…I have hard time to stand that kind of world). If possible, Kute, could you please talk about it in some videos.
    Happy new year to all !

  4. Olivia on

    I agree with this article. Unfortunately, this is only one side of the coin. There are people who are convince that the other is lying when that is not the case. I had a good friend we were very close and open emotionally. One day out of sudden he accused me of not being honest with him and he stopped communicating with me. That was a red flag for me especially as he used to blame his ex wife of being the cause of their son’s addictions and eventually death. He accused her of being a pathological liar. I always questioned his accusation but now that he is also accusing me of being dishonest I question his thought processes. I will appreciate any comments. Thank you.


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