Life is full of unexpected surprises.

Success is never a straight line.

There are no guarantees in life.

So the degree to which you can embrace the unknown is the degree to which you are free.

There’s this notion that you have to know where you are going at all times in life. That you must have all the answers for your life.

This is an illusion.

Chances are if you have all the answers for your life, you are not asking big enough questions and aren’t playing a big enough game.

The need to know exactly where we are going often paralyzes so many of us from taking the important first step. Life often reveals itself in the process of living. It can’t be completely figured out all in advance.

And if you look back at your life, most of your very best laid out plans never quite work out how you had originally intended.

The mind is constantly needing to know. To know where it is going. To know what will be. To understand everything logically. Whilst this is useful at times. It has its limits.

Sometimes you can think you know where you are going but in retrospect you really didn’t.

On the other hand, sometimes you think you are lost without any idea but in truth you are more on course than you realize.

We try to know because we want to be in control. And the reality is there is so much of life that is out of our control. There is so much that will never be understood with the mind.

Control is the master addiction. It’s when you surrender and let go of control that you open yourself up to the miracles of life.

Life is a beautiful mystery. Life is not a math problem to be solved, but a beautiful poem to be savored and celebrated.

When you are in the midst of the unknown it can be truly scary, especially if you allow the mind to take over. Most people freak out, and this only leads to you spiraling into worry. It’s totally unproductive.

In the midst of the unknown, breathe and get curious. Trust that there is something more that is seeking to unfold and reveal itself in your life. There is something bigger and better seeking to happen for you. The more you can surrender and stay open, the more you make yourself available to being in the flow.

Often when we don’t know what’s going on, we get afraid and resist the process that is happening. This fear can lead us into frantic action. When you act motivated by fear, you create more situations to be afraid of.

Rather than act from fear, be still and listen to your deeper knowing beyond the mind. If you become quiet, you will hear the intelligence of your soul guiding you. It will show up as intuition.

Your soul has an intelligence beyond the mind. Your soul has the ability to see beyond the physical eyes.

There is a part of you that always knows, if you really listen. Then you act from that deeper knowing and you will be in sync with life.

When you don’t listen and you act from fear, you only create more suffering for yourself and those around you.

So make friends with the unknown and welcome it. Use it as an opportunity to be fully available to life’s unexpected blessings.

What you can be sure of is that no matter what you are going through, the fact that you are going through it means you are ready. So know that there is a reason even if it’s not clear in this moment.

In the midst of the unknown. Don’t panic. Breathe. Center yourself and trust. Reassure yourself. Stay in this present moment.

Don’t fixate on the future and all the things that might happen but haven’t yet. Simply take one step forward focusing on doing what is in your power to do.

Know that the same force that is guiding the universe is guiding you at all times.

Trust your soul.

Trust life.



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7 comments on “How To Deal with the Fear of the Unknown

  1. Vicky on

    There is so much truth in everything you present to your audience. I enjoy your spirit, your energy, your love. I’m holding the thought of one day meeting you in person and giving you a big hug and saying thank you in person.

  2. Donna on

    Kute, you are amazing! I find your videos inspiring and uplifting. Your message always seems to hit me at the right time. I am so grateful for your words of encouragement in what appears to be my darkest moments. Your command to trust the universe and let go of fear is just what I needed to hear. Much love to you!

  3. Paulius on

    Thanks, Kute, Your words penetrated through the clouded mind into the depths of my soul! And, really, the word chill makes sense now. Enjoy, celebrate, dance with the unknown. Powerful words. Greetings from Cyprus and keep up the vibe!

  4. Ann-Kristin on

    Dear Kute, for me you are a guardian angel. Your wonderful energy is so helpful & wise. Thank you so very much. Ann-Kristin*

  5. Kristina on

    Fun video. 🙂 Thank you. I am afraid of the unknown future..when I don´t have it all together, cannot control and don´t know the exact sequence of the future, my next path. I am a good planner, I would like to desing my life and go the way step by step. I don´t find it boring, I find it actually quite safe and secure and fun. I am clairvoyant, started studying Indian astrology and scientific handanalysis in order to know my future. Since I fell sick (also a trauma),I receive no more answers what to do, where to go, which treatement to try, how long it will take, when will I finally have a job, earn money…even not whether it is the time to die, I cannot rely on my mind or the intuition anymore. It is a very very insecure, unknown, dark time for me. I doubt the order of the “Universe”, the constant flow of life..I cannot step into the flow. I can only pretend to trust it. I like that the “thought in my mind must not be the true” …I believe most of the time my thoughts, but I could start to give them more compassion and let them go. I love the “Dance with the unknown and watch magic happen.”


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