We have all experienced that feeling of guilt at some point in our lives.

Guilt is that feeling of remorse or judging yourself negatively for things that you did or didn’t do in your past, some of which you feel had a negative impact on someone or something else.

We guilt ourselves for things like not working hard enough. For over eating. For not spending enough time with our kids. For thinking a certain way. The list is endless and it’s different for each of us depending on our upbringing.

There is a healthy guilt, which arises when you have ACTUALLY done something wrong, such as intentionally harming another person. Then you feel guilty from having developed a conscience. Those that have no conscience feel no sense of guilt and are called sociopaths.

Unhealthy guilt arises when you tell yourself that you have done something wrong when you have not!

It is a lie that you tell yourself.

Perhaps you take on false responsibility for how those around you feel, such as making it your fault that someone is angry when it’s not.

Give up trying to live up to other people’s expectation for your life. When you live the life they want you to live out of guilt, you live a life of suffering.

Even when we have done something wrong, we sometimes mistakenly think that by torturing ourselves with guilt it will somehow absolve us of what we did.

Not true.

You are already whole, perfect and complete.

You are loved unconditionally by life.

All guilt does is make you feel bad and keeps you stuck in the past. Judging or beating yourself up doesn’t change the past. What’s done is done. Guilting yourself is a waste of your time in the present.

Give it up. Drop your story. Go ahead. Let it go.

No matter what you did or didn’t do, ultimately you hold the lock and you hold the key to your freedom to set yourself free.

Remember that you are a human being with lessons to learn. And it’s inevitable that you will make mistakes, fall down, and sometimes hurt others.

It’s OK.

The issue isn’t whether you screw up or not. The issue is to meet yourself with compassion. It’s not easy being a human being, so cut yourself some slack and have some compassion for your humanity.

Make the choice to forgive yourself for judging yourself. This is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself right now.

Choose it.

What do you need to forgive yourself for?

What’s the illusion that you tell yourself needs to be different in order to forgive yourself?

When is enough self-punishment enough?

What’s important is that you learn from each and every experience. As a result you become wiser able to use it as an opportunity to grow and make different choices next time.

Take responsibility for your actions, and if needed make amends with those you have impacted.

Life is a continual process of learning and evolution.

So stop shaming yourself. It serves nothing and no one.

Holding onto guilt just keeps you in a prison.

When you give up your guilt, you free the gifts within you.

You being your most authentic self is the greatest gift that you can give the world.



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3 comments on “How To Let Go of Guilt and Set Yourself Free

  1. Mario Silva on

    Great to see you again Kute! This was a wonderful message! Powerful compassion & appreciation to re-align with the soul’s purpose in love & charity.

  2. Kristina on

    Very helpful video, thank you a lot Kute. Learning the lessons of life alone deserves, is enough for love and compassion – very beautiful ! Love myself no matter what ( thanks God, love is a rational act, no feeling). Guilt is a very difficult topic for me. I had experienced trauma from my birth through situations and human abuse, thus the unhealthy, toxic guilt is my company, perhaps even addiction -but just recently I start to observe it. It hits in the core of my trauma -the guilt of doing wrong, but also the guilt of being wrong (I am caught up in the “hereditary sin”). I appreciate the knowledge about the fact that the capacity to feel the guilt, is normal, it is human, it is the evolution. It is the feedback of the Universe. However, sometimes other people or threating life situations step into this “immoral capacity” and create the feeling that it is me doing or being wrong, practically behave as their were the God, the Universe giving me feedback about me. I imagine the “guilt capacity” as an organ, like lungs -everybody has it, and it is a very sensitive organ. Thus, it is not my fault to breathe, to be breathe in a unhealthy way as it would be not my fault being in a burning house where my lungs get intoxicated by the gases. Giving up the self-blame seems to me as a necessary discipline for me: just stop it if possible. I am not aware that I want to punish myself with the self-guilt, but I somehow believe that I will shake off me the mistreat, the toxic guilt in my body if I am agry and turn the guilt where it comes from -to others, to situations. However deep down, there is this self-guilt feeling growing. So true, it is perhaps the belief that when I feel guilty enough, I will free myself from it. There are chances that I live the life of my family´s expectations (even though I thought I never did it), esp. my mother´s, I must make her happy =do what she wants, be what she wants me to be, on the subtle level. On the other hand, I feel I´d disappoint God, the Universe when not chosing certain path, but to my brain, mother=God feels the same, so I am caught up in there. I don´t know who to choose and how to separate them. I´d love to hear more about this unhealthy, toxic guilt, especially after trauma situations and how to separate this guilt-poission from the mind, body.

  3. Flower-Jayne on

    Thank you so much Kute! This really is heart felt. I have fibromyalgia and I am trying to heal myself. I feel guilty for not living my life fully as I have so much creativity to give. Any advice to step up to the next level of life? Thank you. Big Hugs, Flower-Jayne x x x


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