We have all felt moments of jealousy.

I am not just talking about romantic jealousy, but that feeling of tightness when you hear about someone else’s success, or they have something that you want.

You might feel jealous that they have more money, that they are more successful, more beautiful, or have a better body.

Jealousy arises when you are focusing your attention outside of yourself and comparing yourself to other people. When you focus on who you aren’t rather than who you are, it only leads to suffering.

When you focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do have, you end up feeling stuck in a feeling of scarcity.

When you focus your attention outside of yourself, it can always seem that everyone else’s life seems better than your own.

But this is an illusion.

Jealousy arises when you forget who you really are, your own value, worth and sense of being enough.

The truth is: You are whole, perfect and complete. Nothing can and will ever change that.

Yet we sometimes forget.

When you forget your own innate perfection, you move into the feeling of scarcity, mistakenly thinking that there isn’t enough for all. That somehow someone else’s success takes away from your own.

This is an illusion.

The universe is abundant.

Celebrate the success of others as your own.

The more you can celebrate and bless the success of those around you, the more you open yourself to receive blessings in your life.

Jealousy arises when you forget who you really are and buy into the illusion of separation. When you know who you are as an Infinite being, and that you are inextricably interconnected with all existence, you know that what is living you is the same thing living everything and everyone. At the deepest level, you realize that there is no separation between you anything else.

We are all one, being lived and breathed by one Intelligence.

We are all on the same team, part of the same humanity. When anyone succeeds, in a sense, it’s your success too. It doesn’t take away from your own. They opened up that possibility for you as well and vice verse.

– So stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own unique gifts.

– Give up waiting for some special moment in your life in order to give your gifts.

– Love yourself as you are and as you aren’t. You may not be “perfect” and that’s perfect because it makes you perfectly unique. When you stay focused on your uniqueness, you realize that there is no one like you and never will be.

You have no competition being yourself. And perhaps the greatest success in life is to be fully yourself.

As you embrace that you’re a unique and amazing expression of the universe, your jealousy will melt away. Then you can celebrate yourself and more easily celebrate others.

You are living art!



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15 comments on “Overcoming The Feeling of Jealousy

  1. Sloane on

    You could not have picked a more perfect topic Kute.
    Every time I am in a place of question or doubt or just feeling misplaced, you Wow!! Me and speak to my soul.
    Thanks for sharing your flavor it is an amazing one!


  2. Eric on

    Thank you for your Unique flavor Kute.

    Funny how you always seem to hit straight on the mark with your topics (not just with me apparently :~)))

    Thank you Oh Magnificent Flavor !!!

    Luv you much

  3. jason mitchell on

    Kute, great talk. You have a beautiful message. Please put me on your mailing list. This is Jason, Matthew Mitchell’s brother. J

  4. Stacey on

    Thank you for this video, Kute.

    Today at work, I got up from my desk to go on my morning break and noticed tightness in my stomach– it felt knotted up. I did my usual walk and wondered why I felt so tight (or ‘constricted’ as you put it).

    I realize now, it was because I had been feeling jealous of my co-workers who have been getting sale after sale…while this has been my worst sales month ever.

    Was on the verge of tears before opening the email with your video (Actually I did have a good cry before watching).

    Need to find people who love my flavor! Lol. Thanks again for the encouragement.

    Many blessings to you,

    • Kute Blackson on

      Absolutely Stacey! There are people waiting for your flavor that will resonate with you. So keep on!!! Hugs!

  5. Kristina on

    Nice topic. I can remember only one true envy/jealousy feeling in my life -when somebody lived in “other countries than my mother country” – and I was not. I went into the constriction, rage, unpretty feeling. On the other hand, I have experienced lots of jealousy and envy from other people that I was completely unaware of (truly blind) and kept them as friends around and that put me in huge trouble. Since I am more aware of it, I am paralysed by fear just remembering the past jealousy and my blindness. I find the idea about knowing who I am very helpful. I am not sure how it was with me -I was not aware who I am, but I was living it somehow. Then something happened in my brain and I lost this “living my uniqueness”, I forgot. I compare myself to others since that time. I became jealous towards people who had an easy life, I became angry and intolerant to people who do not live the lives of who they are. It is more difficult for me today to figure out by knowledge who I am and ” do myself”, what is “my living art”. May there is more to it or slightly something different than I planed to be. I love the idea about no competition deep down, success of one persone is the another ones, based on solidarity. I was actually competitive, ambitious, focused on my truth, successful in this way, maybe it looked arrogant to some people (althought I think this who I am and I cannot change it because others want me to), but perhaps I unconsciously provoked lots of envy. I have a request for future videos: how to protect against jealousy, don´t provoke it ? Is it possible that there are geographical places where more of the jealousy energy exist ? (like I guess that when deeper social differences, then deeper envy, jealousy) . Thank you, much appreciated.

    • Kute Blackson on

      Kristina, keep Loving everyone, everywhere now! And Every ounce of loving you have given will come back to you, perhaps not from the person you gave it!! Much love your way

  6. Ellen on

    Thank you, Kute. I so loved this on jealousy and the remembrance to always bring my energy and focus back to me. I loved the analogy of my being perfect and special just like a beloved flavor of ice cream.
    I love you and will ALWAYS treasure my time with you in Bali – for it was life changing!!


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