We all face temptation.

What is yours?




Indulging emotions like anger and fear.


Not speaking up.




Seeking other people’s approval.

Your greatest temptations are your greatest opportunities for growth and freedom.

Your temptations are your soul’s opportunity to rise above your weaknesses and become the most powerful version of yourself.

When you give into your temptations, they in turn will control you. When you choose what you know is right for you, you reclaim your power.

Whenever you are going to the next level in life, it will require that you give up who you have been in the past. It will require you to give up the lower for the higher.

To sacrifice the lower for the higher and choose to rise above what is no longer serving your soul’s growth and evolution is not deprivation but real freedom.

Being run by your habits, addictions, and temptations is not freedom but slavery.

Real freedom isn’t about following whatever whim or feeling you have in any moment. It’s choosing to stay true to the deeper commitment you handmade to yourself and those around you.

It may not be the easier or the most fun choice in the moment. But it will be the more fulfilling choice long-term.

The more you indulge your temptations, the more you simply become a slave to your impulses rather than a master of your life. A master takes responsibility for their capacity to choose in any given moment.

Each time that you make the higher choice, you become stronger. You empower yourself. Greatness is not simply some mystical, mysterious idea only to be lived by a select few, but a moment to moment decision.

Everyone wants to be great but not everyone wants to do what is actually needed to live that. Greatness is available to us all. But we must choose it over and over again, especially in those moments you don’t feel like it.

There are moments that you may not feel like doing what you have committed to. It’s in the moments that you feel lazy, weak, or afraid that it is even more important to be conscious and aware.

The reason that we often succumb to our temptations is because there are things that we do not want to feel, and suppress instead. So we may disconnect from being in the present moment.

It’s so important to stay conscious and in the present moment. The more you do that, the more you can make new choices rather than being run by unconscious old habitual patterns.

When face to face with your temptations, stop, breathe, connect with your body and come back to your center. Being present in the now is so crucial.

Don’t just focus on the fleeting pleasure that you will experience in the moment, but really get in touch with how you are going to feel once it’s over. Likely, it won’t be deeply fulfilling.

You hold the lock and you hold the key to the next level of your destiny. It’s the choices you make that keep you stuck repeating the same life lessons or set you free to live the next level of your success.

No one is stopping you but yourself.

Then when you say ‘No!” to your temptation, you are saying a bigger “Yes” to your true greatness.

What choices do you need to make?

What are you doing that no longer serves you?

What is it time to give up?

Choose your freedom!



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One comment on “How To Overcome Your Biggest Temptations!

  1. Kristina on

    My temptation now is the abusive mother and my 1) not recognising the tricks of abusive people fully, being indulgent with them (sacrifise myself to them)
    2) being scared to death of such people, believing that they have entire power over me
    3) using violance against such people in order to protect me
    4) not knowing my vision fully (or anymore) and be fine with it, at least I declare it for now as mind-body freedom/healing


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