Why am I not where I am supposed to be?

Why am I not further along in life?

These are all questions we have asked ourselves.

Get married by 25.

Have kids by 28.

Make a million by 30.

Be enlightened by 33.

The pressure you put on yourself to get to the place that you think you should be will rob you of the joy of fully experiencing where you are now.

It’s easy to buy into the trap that you aren’t where you are supposed to be in life.

But perhaps you are a late bloomer and haven’t achieved all of your goals by a certain time.

What if you were exactly where you were meant to be, doing exactly what you were meant to do?

It’s not about how fast you get to your goals. But the person you become in the process itself.

Sometimes you might have a vision of your life, but the truth is you are not fully ready to fulfill it even though you are seeing the possibility for yourself. And if it happened now or if your soulmate showed up this very second, it may not last.

The beauty of when things take time is it gives you the opportunity to learn, make mistakes, know who you really are, get your trial and error out of the way and be more ready for that moment your blessing walks into your life.

And you are much more likely to value and appreciate your blessing when it happens as well.

Many times we want things to happen now, but we simply aren’t “ripe” yet!

Sure you can force things to happen, but often what you end up getting won’t be as right for you as it could have been had you been patient.

Trust the timing of the universe, whilst doing everything in your power to be ready.

Trust that when things don’t happen at the exact timing you want, there is something even more amazing being prepared for you by the universe.

Trust that you are always on time. And the delays of the universe are not the denial of the universe. Ultimately what is truly yours is truly yours, and nothing can take it from you. And what isn’t yours cannot be yours.

Long before you were born, the universe has been in existence and will be long after you leave this planet.

You can stress along the way, but that won’t move you forward any faster. Rather celebrate each moment and savor it since you will never get it back.

Trust bigger than your mind. Your soul has a bigger intelligence than your mind. There is always a SOUL-ution even if you can’t see it this second.

Life is not a race but a moment to moment celebration to be lived fully and enjoyed.

Trust life.



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18 comments on “Trust the Timing of the Universe (A Message for the Late Bloomers)

  1. Sloane on

    You always are on the point that I need to hear and this really is a message that I know was meant for my ears.
    Thank you for sharing this and your wonderful words of enlightenment.

    Big Love back to you!

    Sloane Shavel

  2. Anabel on

    I cannot ask for more perfect words…
    I needed to hear these to embrace and bless what i’m going through right now.

  3. Denise Schickel on

    Thank you for a well presented and inspiring message. I have to remember to be patient for I am truly a late bloomer, on my second blooming!

  4. Harmony Joy (Denise M) on

    I certainly consider my self a late bloomer at 50+ But I have learned that like a flower, it is most important that I continue to bloom. It doesnt matter the frequency, or the size of the bloom….And the times that life seems barren……I have learned that this will make my next bloom even more vibrant….Yes, your words are right on point.

  5. Sophia Freigang on

    Seems I am coming into a new awareness of, a shift in this way of Being. However, Kute… how, then, do a You hold Clients accountable to timelines they set up for themselves? As in, how long is a ‘later bloom’ ok and when is ‘Divine Timing’ an excuse for not doing/putting off what needs to be done?Of course, I am asking MySelf the same Q’s – wondering what is ‘enough’, how do I know and how long do I wait to ‘feel it’ or do I just make a Decision? Have We REALLY always done Our Best? Q’ing the whole damn thing

  6. Sophia Freigang on

    Also Q’ing why I should EVER have had to Q this in the first place. What an f’d up patriarchal infrastructure We live in. All this rush and push to be more… In Your theory, where do goals, then, even fit into the picture?

  7. Kristina on

    I might also be a late-bloomer. There are good reasons for it, also in the karmic, joytish astrology chart, handanalysis etc….my problem was that I was aligned with my Soul, I never rushed “soulmate search, career” and I was happy…until I met people who started to talk me into the opposite, talk me into this “you must be better, you must accomplish something in your career, you´d better marry fast..in order not waisting your potential” etc. (like true snakes). I changed my mind (or the deep programming came to the surface) and I let my mind to spin after some goals, time schedule. The result was that my body started to die, out of the blue, I had exhausted myself. Paradoxically, my main goal to reach was to be married to the “one”, to have children, be as other people (=be normal, be good enough, fast enough to transcend my family history), but before I did not want to be married, I intuitively knew that this might not be my path, at least for unless + 40. I even found a therapist who based the therapy on ” how old I am getting, others are married, I am like a child, I have not made yet anything “real” in my life etc. “Today, I have trouble to forgive myself that I let somebody else to destine my path and I´d love to turn to my “late-bloomer path” and be fine with it, but live, in joy.

  8. Ginnie on

    This message is so what I needed to hear. I am a very late bloomer. Rushing to get this book out of me and conquering the fear. I say to myself I’m not ready yet I’m still learning . I’m not going to rush now just live in the moment and be patient with myself.
    Thank You, I am very humbled.

  9. Flower-Jayne on

    Thank you Kute. At 46, I was feeling today that I have missed my opportunities and not fulfilling my potential. So thank you. BIG HUGS!

    • Kute Blackson on

      You are exactly where you need to be Flower-Jayne. Keep on bringing passion to all that you do!!! Much love!!


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