We have all felt moments of loneliness in life.

That sense of feeling disconnected to yourself, those around you and nature. It’s painful to feel that you are the only one going through your experience, or that no one understands your pain.

The truth is that you are not alone. There are millions of people around the world going through what you are and feeling similar emotions this very second. There are billions of people in the past that have as well.

We may seem different on the surface in terms of religion, skin color, political beliefs, but at our core we all share the same humanity, the same desires, the same fear, concerns and pain.

We all want to love and be loved.

When stuck in the feeling of loneliness, take a look and see if you are obsessing about yourself. This creates a sense of feeling disconnected from all those around you.

The loneliness may also be a signal about certain things in your life that aren’t working which you need to pay attention to and change.

What is it that you might need to change?

So when you are caught up in the feeling of loneliness, instead look around, see and feel the beauty of the universe.

How often do we just look and perceive nature’s beauty?

We are all a part of nature but tend to forget.

Nature is so stunning, and no matter how many times we look at it, it’s different.

Whether it be rainbows in the sky.

Beautiful snow capped mountains.

Stunning color of autumn leaves.

Shining stars dancing at night.

The flowers. The rivers. The wind.

Life itself is living art. Freely offering itself to you as love. Life is loving you so amazingly each moment of your life.

What if nature was God’s love letter to you, reminding you that you are not alone.

You are inextricably interconnected with all of existence.

Nothing in the universe happens in isolation.

And there is a relationship between us and our environment.

Plants use energy from the sun in the form of light.

They then put out oxygen, which we as humans breathe.

Trees provide materials for houses.

Animals provide us with food.

Microorganisms cleanse the water. Mangrove forests and coral reefs reduce severity of a tsunami.

All of Life is supported by all living things on earth. Those living things in turn support other living things.

You are not alone.

We are all in this grand adventure of life together. We are all one human family connected not by blood but by love.

Love is what makes all of life beautiful.

So wherever you are,

Take a moment. Look around and appreciate the beauty of life.

Take a moment to connect with yourself, your heart and love yourself tenderly.

Take a moment to reach out to those in your life and rather than waiting for them to love you, give to them.

When you open your heart and love, you open yourself to receiving love at the same level!

You are not alone.



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One comment on “How To Deal with the Feelings of Loneliness

  1. Kristina on

    I felt very lonely past years due to a condition of health, but slowly also due to I chose people who were different than me. Last weeks, I left and let go another support, which showed up not to what I need and I felt lonely, helpless. It took me long time to acknowledge that I was lonely, helpless, I don´t receive what I need, even though I ask for it (I thought I was asking in a wrong way), and I need the help ! The tough thing that most of the people semt to “be ok “, ok with the given support. I was the rebel, I thought it was not enough, just some crumbs, I sensed I was a not good fit (but I wanted to press myself into the box and finally “land somewhere”) and I made myself feel guilty for why I don´t fit in (which creates my loneliness).
    After I had left, I experienced lots of feelings of loneliness and helplessness.
    As a child, I was probably connected emotionally only to the nature and to my mind, but not so much to people (at least not many people, good reasons for it).
    But, also, I started to find different support, different people -I am suprised, I feel less and less weird and lonely, I can be more myself, furthermore I am encouraged to be that and these people seem to have gone through similar feelings as me -this is perhaps why I can feel connected :-). I don´t need to do it all by myself. Truly exhilariting feeling.
    Maybe I must acknowledge that I will never feel connected to the majority of people and that I must carefully select and know myself…and it will be fine. Better than suffer with the wrong people and situations.
    Kute, how can one be “One” with people with personality disorders and people with not so good intentions towards others ? I don´t want to be interdependent on such people.


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