A man sent me an email asking for my advice:

“I am dating an amazing woman whom I love. But I am not sure I am ready to settle down in a committed relationship. I still want to date other women and be free! What should I do?”

Real freedom is a state of being.

Nothing outside you will make you feel free if you aren’t free within yourself.

As men we sometimes mistakenly think that being in a committed relationship will limit our freedom.

This is not true.

We mistakenly seek for freedom in the external world. But real freedom isn’t in the world, it’s in the depth of your being.

Seeking freedom in the external world is a misplaced desire. You are actually intuiting the perfection of deep consciousness.

You think that dating multiple women will make you free, but will it really?

Be careful that you aren’t simply being a slave to your biology and desires.

Remember that you are freedom itself but you just forgot for a moment.

The key to freedom is to have a connection to source aka the Divine. When you have connection to source and your partner has a connection to the Divine, you can stay free together in love, in relationship together.

Then your relationship is held in a bigger context than your small limited ego self.

The deep impulse within the masculine is the drive for freedom. So unless a man has a spiritual practice where he is accessing freedom within himself, he is likely to feel trapped inside a relationship whether he admits it to himself or anyone else..

A man must have a spiritual practice where he goes beyond, transcends himself, and accesses the inner freedom.

When you connect with who you really are, then the structure of a committed relationship no longer determines your freedom.

You are already free.

You are freedom.

When you are free, you are not stuck in a tightly identifying with your persona. You know that what you are is infinite.

Then you are truly able to make an authentic choice in regards to how you want to do your relationships.

Then you can discern if you are simply running away out of fear of letting go or whether you need to transcend your fear and surrender to real love. Surrendering to real love can be scary since it requires a letting go of control, a sort of death.

To love is the greatest freedom. And the greatest freedom is to love.

When you commit to love, you set yourself free.



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3 comments on “Spiritual Advice For The Man Who Can’t Commit In Relationship

  1. Nancy Chomicz on

    You say ‘relationship is death’. That’s half true. That’s half of the equation. Yes, there is a death of OLD undesirable patterns and it is The Beginning of NEW desirable patterns and it is The Beginning of new higher vibrational true life and love, which you cannot achieve as a single, only as a two-some. So, please re-phrase, re-interpret, re-name and re-label your statement of ‘truth’ to be MORE truthful, which is “A Relationship is death AND Life” and an orgasm is a NEW beginning of more closeness to The Divine of Your Choice as you’re with your Beloved!! This is TRUE GENUINE FREEDOM!!! The Big O…for World Peace!

  2. Joyce on

    I have a question. I feel this depth and Freedom inside me. For me it is a problem to have sex or Be intimate with someone. Although I feel I have a huge sexdrive I cannot have sex for the sex. When I do this I totally lose myself. How can I be intimate with a man, fulfill my needs and stay connected to myself?

  3. Kristina on

    I love the inner-freedom ! On the other hand, I had been on the other side, in the relationship with non-committal man. Since that time, I have not comfortable feelings about men who don´t know what they want and want to keep the doors opened. Perhaps it has to do with fears of engulfment (I have them). However, for me, it was the feeling of not being wanted, but kept around anyway (ambivalence, the hot and cold approach). I am absolutely sure this guy I met did not want to be with me and would have ever wanted (no matter who I was). He just did not know…but deep down he knew: I was not the one. I bet that men can have clarity on what they want.
    I see another perspective that perhaps this man had internal strugggle around the issue whether he wanted to commit to me or keep his options open (he definitely had no spiritual practise).
    I hope that today, I will trust my sensations, my intuition and run, not being the “filler-girl” (that time, I led myself talked into the opposite).
    As men don´t know they want in women, women don´t know what they want in life, life purpose (job) (=my situation). I have to have a spiritual practise about my life purpose, know who I am ?


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