When you care for someone deeply, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being over responsible for them. You care so much that you don’t want them to hurt. You want to protect them from unnecessary suffering. You do things for them that they should do for themselves.

This doesn’t ultimately serve their highest growth.

Your parents managed to survive before you.

Your lover/spouse had a life before you.

Your grown children will need to learn to survive without you.

Every human being has their own unique journey in life.

Each soul has lessons that they are seeking to learn.

Their lessons are not the same as your lessons. And you may not always understand why those you love need to go through those experiences.

To you, the solutions may seem obvious, but you must let go of control, respect their journey, and allow each person the dignity of their own process. Rather than jumping into rescue them, affirm your belief in their ability.

Trust their soul and trust that if someone you love is going through a challenging situation, they can handle it.

The greatest gift you can give another is to see who they really are and reflect that back to them. So that when they interact with you, they are reminded of their true power and greatness.

When you take on too much responsibility for other people, you disempower them. You don’t give them the opportunity to step up and own their own innate power. You rob them of the opportunity to learn the lessons their soul is seeking to learn.

You cannot prevent someone from learning the lessons their soul needs to learn. You can simply share your perspective and provide your guidance, love, and support.

Make peace with the fact that if they aren’t ready to change, they won’t. We sometimes care so much that we want to help another more than they themselves actually want help.

They have to want your help.

A key question to ask yourself, “What would really serve their soul?”

Or, “What would love do now?”

When you stop being responsible for other people, you allow those around you to be responsible for their own feelings and actions.

Love is a commitment to serve another person’s soul and their evolution. It doesn’t always make you popular. It doesn’t always please their personality.

Sometimes love is fierce. Sometimes love is tender. Real love isn’t enabling another person in their patterns, but it invites them to step up to be who they really are.

Live in such a way that you are a bold invitation for another’s greatness!



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