The great ones all hustled.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Mother Teresa.

Every single person that achieved greatness at one point was just like you and I. But they made an unwavering commitment to their vision.

Commitment is just the beginning.

Once you commit to your vision, it’s not necessarily going to be easy. It can sometimes be even more challenging. And now requires the discipline of action in daily life.

The fulfillment of your vision won’t just happen by meditation or intention alone. In order to manifest in the physical world you need to be taking consistent action.

Life is constantly in action and hustling on your behalf. And you are part of life. Life is breathing you, digesting your food, keeping you alive, as well as is shining the stars, sun, moon, and functioning all existence.

When you have a dream, life will often test your commitment. And you will have to commit not just once but keep recommitting each step of the way. Each time you take action on your dream you affirm to the universe your sincere intention and the universe meets you with the same level of seriousness.

Don’t pray for life to get easier, rather take action, do the work in order to develop and expand your capacity to deal with the challenges of life. The more life throws at you, the more you are able to stay present, the freer you will be.

Making manifest your vision will require effort but that doesn’t mean it has to be a struggle.

Struggle is laced with your ego’s resistance. Struggle arises from the illusion of separation where the ego thinks it needs to do it all and make life happen.

When you surrender, you live in flow AND you still need to hustle.

Struggle is from ego. Hustle is from the soul.

Give up dabbling.

Give up procrastinating.

Give up fleeting distractions.

Give up waiting for some special moment.

Give up excuses.

Commit to hustle and putting your gifts out to the world.

Your gifts don’t just belong to you, they belong to The Universe.

The more you hustle and put yourself out there, the more you live in alignment with your soul. Then the wings of grace will carry you towards the fulfillment of your vision.

Grace favors those who hustle.

When you hustle, it’s really about the inner commitment to being the best that you can be, being magnificent and expressing your fullest potential. It’s a commitment to transcending your limits and letting go of mediocrity.

So as you move towards your dream, always remember WHY you want what you want.

Focus on the impact your vision will have and the lives it will touch.

Let that motivate you even when you don’t feel like doing the actions needed.

Commitment isn’t just doing what you feel like when you feel like it. It’s doing what you committed to even when you don’t feel like it.

The universe is always working on your behalf.

The universe is always hustling to bring about your highest destiny.

Your part is to make sure you do your part.

Are you taking all the actions necessary to bring about the fulfillment of your dreams?

Talk is cheap.

Embrace the hustle.



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3 comments on “The Power of Hustle – The Key To Turning Dreams Into Reality.

  1. Sloane on

    Dynamic and Powerful as always Kute!
    My whole being resonates when you speak, you are such a passionate person and so wonderful that you can share all this knowledge with us all.

    Big Love back to you!
    Thank you for sharing this video for free, that truly shows you are aligned with giving your gift to all!


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