We have all done things that we regretted, that we felt bad about and judged ourselves for.

Whether it was:

The choices you made in a past relationship.

The way you handled a break up.

The life you thought you should have had.

What are you still judging yourself for?

Judging what you did in the past keeps you stuck in the past. You can’t change the past no matter how much you judge.

Holding yourself hostage to your past only serves to limit your ability to create your future.

Embrace that you are human. You will make “mistakes”. Your soul incarnated onto this planet to learn, grow and evolve. The way you grow is through experiences and lessons.

If you were going to do life perfectly, you wouldn’t need to be here.

You might think that you made a mistake, but it was simply the learning that your soul needed to go through to become more of who you really are. Even those mistakes help you learn.

May that make you humble and compassionate to others around you.

Judging yourself is a waste of time. Rather than wallow in judgment, instead, learn the lesson. And commit to changing your actions from this moment forward.

Realize that you did the best that you knew how to do at that time given.

No matter how bad your behavior was, underlying every behavior is a positive intention. When you acknowledge the underlying positive of your past behaviors, rather than judge, you begin the path of self-forgiveness.

You hold the lock and you hold the key to your freedom. Your past doesn’t have to determine your future.

Each day, life is loving you unconditionally. The sun and moon shine on you. The air blesses you freely. Life doesn’t discriminate, it just loves you as you are.

No one can forgive you for you.

Only you can do it.

Forgive yourself, it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.



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