Have you ever been through a breakup that was deeply painful?

It may have felt like your heart was breaking in the process.

Breakups can be tough, especially when you loved someone so much and you gave all of yourself to a relationship.

In those moments, it’s easy to view yourself as a failure when a relationship ends.

Judging yourself harshly serves nothing.

Consider this: The real purpose of a relationship is for your soul’s growth and evolution. You come together with another person because there are soul lessons that you both have to teach each other.

The person that you attract is a mirror manifestation of the part of yourself that you get to love, embrace, heal, integrate and own.

So long as you are growing and evolving at a similar pace, in a similar direction, with a similar commitment to serving each other’s souls, you have a relationship.

Once you learn the lessons for which your souls attracted each other, either you get to recreate your relationship with new lessons or your relationship is complete, which might look like a breakup.

So breaking up, it doesn’t mean failure, it just means the lessons for which you came together are complete.

Here are a few keys to consider when you are in the midst of a breakup:

1. Take some space from your ex in order to heal your heart, reflect on the lessons, and let go fully. It’s not easy to separate and let go if you are still entangled relating the same way.

2. Don’t just jump back into dating another person. This can be an escape and distraction from dealing with your pain. Take time to be with yourself.

3. Face and feel your pain. All feelings remain present until fully felt and no feelings last forever. The quickest way to move on from the pain of a broken heart is to feel the pain as it arises, with awareness and intention. Whatever you feel fully will dissolve..

4. Surround yourself with loving and nurturing friends who can care for you and remind you of who you really are.

5. Give love through service. In dealing with heartbreak, it can be easy to fixate or indulge the pain, which only keeps you stuck. So being of loving service will move your attention beyond yourself and open your heart.

Trust that in letting go, someone even more amazing is waiting to show up in your life.

Simply keep loving, since the way you love in life will determine your LOVE life.

All forms change, so a breakup isn’t the end, it’s just an opportunity to love that person differently and find the structure relating that allows for more love to be expressed.

So, what if your breakup was your graduation to the next level of your life?



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2 comments on “How To Bounce Back From A Breakup (5 Keys)

  1. darren on

    Kute -Thank you so much over the years YOU have taught me some valuable lessons with your profound words of your truth.Thank you for facilitating my journey back home to self.-Darren

  2. Tiffany on

    Darren, I feel the same. Sir Blackson is undeniably indespensable in the arena of life advice. I’ve been saying it & will continue to believe that whole heartedly.


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