I am very excited!!!! I am going to share something with you today that I have put my heart and soul into creating.

It is a special invitation for you. You can learn all about it in the special 7 minute video that I created to share about this unique experience.

I have designed a revolutionary transformational immersion journey, where I will take 22 leaders and visionaries on an adventure of a lifetime. It is called Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience.

So when you are ready. Simply open your heart. Set aside all distractions. Turn up the volume. And enjoy the video!

Here is the link to the site where you can watch the video and read all about the journey: www.boundlessblissbali.com

Will you be one of the 22?


P.S. Please do share this link with those you feel would be interested!!!!

6 comments on “Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience

  1. Darcy Alice Nicholson on

    Thanks for your very inspiring words, and your reverence and understanding of Bali…a place I love more than I could say. I live in Bali, on and off for ten years, and do volunteer massage work at a natural birth Clinic in Ubud, as well as astrology, writing, and other things. I can see that you are an angel here to help wake us up to our Spiritual Eternal Self on Earth. Your workshop sounds really enchanting. I’d love to try it, and to encounter your aliveness. Thanks again, Love, Darcy


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