Speaking in public is said to scare us more than facing death!

We are afraid of:

– Being ridiculed.

– What people will think of us.

– Afraid of not looking good.

– Not doing it perfectly or right.

It is your ego that is afraid.

1. Instead, take the focus off of yourself and focus your attention outwards, on adding value to your audience. The more you focus on yourself, the more you will contract, and the more afraid you will be of speaking in public.

Focus on making a difference and impacting lives. Give up trying to be perfect. Ultimately, your audience won’t know if you did it perfectly or not. They just care about whether their pain, problem or challenge will be alleviated.

So focus on adding value.

2. Speak from your heart. Your audience doesn’t care how much you know but how much you care. Really care about your audience. You have the privilege of impacting their lives and that of their families.

It’s not simply the words that you speak that will have impact, but how you make them feel.

Years from now they may not remember what you said but they will remember how they felt in your presence. It’s about the feeling.

3. Be yourself fully. Your authenticity is your greatest gift. Don’t try and be anyone else in order to fit some idea of what a good speaker is. Being a “good” speaker isn’t simply about technique or saying the right words, anyone can do that. It’s the depth from which you speak from.

Words you speak are an excuse for the silence of your being. The words you speak carry the vibration and intention of your heart.

The degree to which you can get yourself out of the way is the degree to which you enter the flow and “you” are no longer there.

This is when magic happens and you are no longer speaking, but speaking is happening through you.

In this zone, you become a vessel for the Universe to speak through. The infinite potential of the Universe becomes available to you in this zone.

The secret to speaking in public is to let the Universe speak through you.

Before you speak in public, surrender yourself to being used for the highest good of all.

Remember, it is not about YOU.



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  1. Kara tate on

    Thank you Kute. I’m going to speak in public at the beginning of Dec. this came at the perfect time. I value your ideas on this subject.


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