It’s never an easy thing when friends you were close to or once loved grow out of your life.

Depending on the reason, it can be painful.

You might feel abandoned, betrayed, mislead, hurt, sad, angry, grief. Or a combination of all of the above.

Understand that you initially attracted your friend into your life because:

A) You were vibrating at a similar level of consciousness and were a vibrational match at that particular time.

B) You had certain lessons to teach each other’s souls. Your friendship was an opportunity to learn those lessons and serve each other’s growth.

Friendships last as long as both of your souls need, not as long as your personalities think they should.

Friendships last as long as you are resonating on the same vibrational level.

Everything in life is in a constant state of evolution, it’s the same with friendships.

Nothing is permanent.

Even though the form of your friendship might change that doesn’t mean you stop loving. Your love can continue despite growing apart in different directions.

You may come to a point with someone who was a friend in your life, and you no longer resonate together. Rather than being angry, or making them wrong, simply acknowledge where things are at today.

It’s okay. You are not right, and they are not wrong.

Rather than dwell on the friendship that you used to have, look at what you do have now and accept it.

Rather than focus on what isn’t but should be, focus on the precious time that you both got to enjoy together, and be grateful for that.

Friendship is a sacred privilege not a right. Anytime you get to spend with another soul in this journey of life is a precious gift.

Any moment that another human being trusts you with their heart is an honor not to be taken lightly.

So even though the form of your friendship may be growing apart, honor the time that you had and bless their soul’s journey onwards.

Also, when you are on a path of personal and spiritual development, you may find that you outgrow friends that aren’t.

When you refuse to let go of a friendship that is clearly over or not serving the highest good for your soul, you block the flow of goodness into your life. Likely other areas of your life will stagnate.

If your friendship is ending with someone you love, don’t consider it a failure. Instead, consider it a success. You have both fulfilled your purpose for coming together in this lifetime.

It’s a graduation.

Focus on the gift this person was in your life. Chances are their presence in your life has impacted your soul’s evolution forever. And vice versa. Even though you may no longer be in each other’s lives in the same way, you will always be a part of each other’s souls.

Know that your responsibility is to love, and by loving fully, you can never lose. When you love, you gain the capacity to not only love more but receive at the same level of loving.

The love that you gave in your friendship will come back to you, even if it’s not from that particular friend.

There is an abundance of love in the universe. So when you let go of a friendship that has served it’s time and purpose, you create more space for more love that is aligned with who you are today.

So who do you need to let go of in your life?

Set them free.

Bless them.

Let them go.

Let more love in.



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3 comments on “How To Deal With Losing Friends

  1. Ranae on

    This is exactly the message that I needed at this moment in my life – it actually has been very painful both emotionally & has affected me physically. But I understand now that that’s because I was having trouble letting go. I still don’t, to this day, understand the betrayal but I do know that I need to have true forgiveness in my heart for my own well-being.


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