Make love to NOW.

Whether you have an actual valentines this year or not, what if you decided to make this moment your lover?

Not waiting for any special moment, or any special person but simply falling in love with and making love with now.

So, make love to now.

Then you will feel the juicy, passionate, alive, vibrant, deliciousness of every second.

Sex today in our modern culture has been reduced to a sneeze. Two ego’s rubbing up against each other trying to get some sort of satisfaction for the body alone. But the body is temporary. And true lasting fulfillment can’t be found merely in the physical senses.

True lovemaking happens when you first realize that what you are is LOVE itself.

Then there is nothing to get.

Real love making is a surrender of your self into Infinity. It is a death of your ego that brings new Life. It is a letting go of control.

When you make love, you let go. Then there is no you, or other. There is only Now. There is only Freedom. Perhaps this is why we are so obsessed with sex. Yet what we are really seeking is not simply a momentary release. But something much deeper. We are searching for that which is Formless and beyond pain or pleasure.

You are seeking your true Self.

In that moment of lovemaking, you are no longer having sex as a separate person. Boundaries dissolve. Lovemaking becomes a “let go” of yourself to the Infinite, and sex takes on a totally new dimension.

It is no more a path to enlightenment, but the very manifestation of enlightenment itself.

Your lovemaking then becomes the expression of the true Light of who you are, manifesting itself as an offering through your body.

This valentines day: Give up all techniques, strategies and resistances to loving. Let go. Release. Relax. Trust. Dive in. Embrace.

Simply surrender and make love to NOW.

When you surrender, there is no more you or another.

There is no more lover, loved or loving.

There is only Love.

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Tell me what lovemaking means to you?

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5 comments on ““Make love to Now.” (Sex,Lovemaking,Valentines,and other boring things!) – A Valentines message.

  1. Nathan Martin EFT on

    I really appreciate your take on sex and lovemaking, it is very similar to the Kabbalah and the pictures that it uses for intimacy with the divine. I am an EFT specialist, and the more that I “let go”, the more capable I am of being in the moment, especially the intimacy of sex. As a result, I am far more discriminant about who I will sleep with now, if it isn’t connected and divine, there is no reason to be together in that way. Thanks for your thoughtful blog! 😉


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