In a world of 7 billion people, there’s bound to be many different perspectives. Some of those likely very different from yours.

Based on each person’s past history, upbringing and current level of consciousness…. Everybody is right.

It doesn’t mean what they believe may be right for you. Or that their perspective is the ultimate truth or even correct.

Your current perspective is impacted by your past conditioning. This affects how you see the world, what you think, feel and believe.

Is who you are who you really are or simply who you have been conditioned to be?

The degree to which you can understand another person’s opposing perspective is the degree to which you are free and able to love.

Seek to understand another person’s reality. Do your best to put yourself into their shoes and really understand where they are coming from, even if you don’t agree.

Making people wrong serves nothing.

And spending your time and energy to prove how right you are will leave you empty and unfulfilled. All it does is create a wall between you and the other.

The easy way out is to simply eliminate all those who don’t agree with you or believe something different.

To understand another person’s perspective that differs from yours requires you to expand, take the focus off of yourself and check your ego at the door.

The more attached you are to your ego, the more threatened you are by opposing viewpoints.

It requires that you open your mind, be more compassionate and expand your capacity for loving. Those with a difference of opinion will give you the opportunity to practice being more loving.

So rather than be righteous or attached to protecting your viewpoint and position, cultivate curiosity. Ask questions. Find out how and why they came to see life that way.

It’s by doing this that you can build a bridge to the other person. By building a bridge, you have a way to communicate and likely they will be more open and receptive to hearing your opinion in return.

It takes courage as well as humility to be truly open to differences. Real peace in the world isn’t simply about everyone believing the same thing but cultivating a healthy respect for the differences.

Peace isn’t simply the absence of conflict. But creating an environment where diversity and differences of opinions can all co-exist in the melting pot of humanity. And all differences can be respected and appreciated.

Life contains everything, it contains the full range of human experience. This is what makes life beautiful.

So don’t just look for what is different, look for where you connect.

Celebrate your differences.

And honor your similarities.

We are all being lived and breathed by the same ONE life force.

Love. Now


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3 comments on “How To Deal With People Who Have a Difference of Opinion

  1. Denita on

    Love it! ” Peace isnt simply the absence of conflict” Words resonate on when trying to keep a marriage afloat. My goal is to keep and open mind, and compassionate heart. Thanks for sharing your wisdom..

    Enjoy Bali!

  2. Zora on

    I totally concur with this protocol of getting along with another who has a different opinion. I have had a lot of experience with this recently especially, and I can testify that following this compassionate and diplomatic mindset is pretty much the only effective way of leaving the conversation with a sense of true peace. Thank you! 🙂


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