You weren’t born with a limiting story.

You were born free.

You are NOT your story.

The story that you tell yourself isn’t who you really are. It is simply the story that you made up at some point.

As young children, we all experienced challenging things, whether it be pain, abuse, trauma, divorce, neglect, etc.

As a result, we end up trying our best to make the events of our lives make some kind of sense. So we make up some meaning as a way to survive, function and cope.

We make up a story about life, people, the way the world is, why events happened to us and also about ourselves. Most of the stories we made up are limiting.

Then we end up living inside of that story, seeing life through that story, and as a result, the story we make up becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The way you look at life will determine the way life looks back to you. So if you change how you are looking, you can change your life.

Unfortunately, many of our stories rob us of freedom because we think that they are reality. Much of the time, we aren’t even aware that we are being limited by a story. We think that our story is fact, when it is actually fiction.

Stories like:

• I am not enough/unworthy.

• I am unlovable.

• I am not good at….

• Life is suffering..

• Etc.

So what limiting stories have you been telling yourself?

What story is it time to let go of?

You are not your story. But once you make up your story, your story will make you.

The good news…. If you made up your story in the first place, then you can unmake your story at any moment.

Some simple keys to begin:

  1. Awareness – Start by becoming aware of the limiting stories that you are telling yourself.
  2. Question – Question the stories that constantly play in your mind. Just because a thought is in your mind, doesn’t mean it’s real. Ask yourself, “Is this FACT or FICTION?” Much of what we end up believing is based on fiction and has nothing to do with reality.
  3. Decide – Choose to let your story go. Sometimes we get so comfortable with the story we have been telling ourselves about ourselves, that it’s actually scary to let it go and face the unknown! At any moment you have a choice.
  4. Recreate – You can’t always choose the events that happen to you, but you can choose what you decide to make them mean. In this sense, you create your reality. Choose wisely.

If you are going to make up a story, you might as well make up one that empowers you.

Remember- You are a spirit incarnated in this body for a very short time. Life is short, so be sure to enjoy every minute of the party while it lasts.

Life is precious.

You are an artist.

Your life is your art.

Your heart is your paintbrush.

What story will you create?

You have the power.



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3 comments on “How To Let Go of Your Limiting Story

  1. Lorna Barker on

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video blog. I had just written in my journal but I was seeking away and information to overcome my limiting beliefs about my gifts talents and abilities. I check my email and here’s the link to this video. You have just reaffirmed that I need to rewrite my story although I’ve heard that in my spirit numerous times I thought it was actually rewriting the story that I would tell because I want to step out this year and really pursue my goal of becoming a transformational leader and coach so therefore I Was preparing my story that I will tell to the world. This video brought this helped me realize that I can’t tell them the true story until I begin to tell myself the true story. Thank you thank you thank you for being genuine and listening to your heart and sharing this video blog.


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