What you have to say matters.

Your voice makes a difference.

There never was and there will never be another human being like you on this planet.

Your voice is a unique expression and has the ability to impact people around you in powerful ways.

You may have been told growing up that your voice didn’t matter.

This is a big lie.

You may sometimes question your voice, doubting it’s value.

You might think that what you have to say isn’t important. Or won’t make much of a difference since you are only one person.

But if you don’t speak up for yourself, sharing what you believe deep in your heart, you rob the world of your gifts and the potential blessing that it may have.

What if Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t dare to dream and share his voice?

What if Gandhi didn’t speak up and stand for his belief in compassion and non-violence?

What if Mother Teresa didn’t pick up the sick people one by one and share her heart?

You never know the impact your voice can and will have on those around you. So never underestimate the power of one voice that is committed to something bigger than yourself.

If you have an impulse deep inside to share something with the world, TRUST that you feel it for a reason. There are no accidents.

Life is seeking to express through you.

You might doubt yourself, even thinking “Who am I to share this?”. But who are you NOT to.

The message you feel to share doesn’t just belong to you, it belongs to life, and life chose you to be the messenger for a reason.

To hold back your voice and gifts is more painful than the risk of sharing it.

You are the vehicle for the universe to speak and express through.

You are the one that life gave the vision and message to. Your responsibility is to simply speak your voice.

Simply do your part.

Speak your heart.

This is the start.

Leave the rest of the details to the universe.

So don’t compare your voice and gifts to anyone else. It’s easy to look at those around you and let that stop you from speaking up and sharing your gifts. Or even to try and copy those around you that may seem successful. But in doing so you lose your own authentic flavor and voice. When you try and be like someone else you lose your originality and uniqueness.

The goal in life isn’t to be a “perfect” human being, like there even is such a thing. The goal in life is to be an authentic human being.

Real success isn’t just what you attain in the world. But the degree to which you become the most authentic version of yourself.

When you are fully being you, you win every time, since you have no competition in being you!

Dig deep. Feel into your heart. Trust what you feel and hear. Don’t take the safe road by hiding yourself, or hiding behind someone else’s truth.

Put yourself out there, you never know who is listening and who will be inspired.

Share your voice even if it only touches one person’s life.

That one person’s life matters.

That’s why your voice matters.

Who you are is living art.

Being who you are is the greatest gift that you can give the world.



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18 comments on “How To Find Your Voice

  1. Danielle on

    Dear sweet pure and true Kute,
    I love this video. It is probably your top best one yet and that’s saying a lot because I get something from all of your fabulously
    purely expressed videos. Grateful you exist and chose to share yourself with me and all others alive here upon this glorious Earth
    Mother we all live upon! Keep sharing yourself with the world, we need you brother!
    Bless you!
    Love Danielle

  2. Zora on

    Hmmm…you said one thing that brought it all home to me. This great, short-and-sweet point: “if you had one minute on national TV, what would you say…share…” had a powerful enough impact on me so that I had an instant vision of what would be the one main thing I would tell the world. I have MANY things to say (and I have), but we all know the present world has got the attention span of a gnat, so this one thing has got to be brief, simple and highly impacting. Like I’m talking to a curious, but impatient child who may or may not fully absorb the message, but will nonetheless carry the seed with him/her into the rest of their lives. Excellent, thank you Kute 🙂

  3. Carrie Sechel on

    Fantastic video… so much here about allowing our voices to come out, focusing on the impact on others rather than our egos, handling fear, dropping perfection… Love it! Thanks so much Kute!!

  4. Sharon on

    Sending you so much gratitude for your timely video, I needed to hear this right here, right now. Love your work, Kute. Thank you xx

  5. Lucia on

    Well, life is AMAZING!! My dear one, you don’t even know how much I needed to listen to this lovely message !! Thnk you for sharing your voice with the world <3

  6. Stacey on

    Here’s what I would say:
    Look at the person beside you, the person in front of you, the person across the street. How you greet and approach them is a mirror image of yourself. Make that image as beautiful as possible and fill it with LOVE.

    Thank you Kute for listening to my voice!


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