Procrastination is the sneaky monster that will rob you of your dreams, convincing you to put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today.

It’s the actions that you took yesterday that created your current reality, and it’s your current actions that will create your future experience.

It’s great to meditate, pray, visualize and raise your vibration. But remember it takes real action, in the real world in order to make your dream real. Not just once in a while but consistent, intentional action towards your goals daily.

So if you don’t like your current reality, commit to taking different actions.

There are often many things that we need to do in order to make our dreams happen but aren’t following through on.

Maybe out of laziness, fear or being stuck in a comfort zone.

Your mind will often convince you to put things off and create all sorts of meaningless distractions. If you listen to everything your mind tells you, your dreams will likely remain dormant and frozen.

Don’t listen to everything your mind tells you.

Just because a thought is in your head doesn’t mean it’s real. Observe your thoughts, question your thoughts, and choose wisely.

Don’t just follow the fleeting whim of how you feel in a given moment. Feelings pass, they come and go based on your current mood and whatever may be happening around you. If you are serious about turning your dreams into reality, you can’t base your actions simply on your current mood. Instead, stay in touch with the deeper commitment to your goal.

You have a responsibility to your dreams.

Your dreams don’t just impact you, but the lives of everyone that is touched by them.

So when you feel lazy, tired, or feel like giving up, deeply feel the hearts of all the people your dream or project will impact. Remember WHY you are pursuing your goal in the first place and let that inspire you beyond yourself to take the actions necessary.

Lastly, remember your death. You are going to die and you don’t know when. There is no future promise, the only guarantee you have is this moment right now.

Face your death. Keep it close by your side. Don’t run from it.

Make death your friend, not in some morbid way but as an urgent reminder to not waste any time procrastinating on your dreams.

So if you have been putting things off for some time in the future or until you retire or have it all figured out…

Realize that:

You have no time to waste.

Death is a fierce reminder to do what you need to do now with no delay.

Life gives no refunds.

How would you need to live to not have any regrets?

There is no better moment than NOW.



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11 comments on “How To Stop Procrastinating and Take Action On Your Dreams

  1. Carrie Sechel on

    Great video and I love how you direct us to think about our deaths. Today I talked to a person who is evaluating a next step in life… I recommended that she think about what her 80 year-old-self will think… will she wish she did something different? Thanks for your awesome videos!

  2. Katia Ferreira on

    Hi Kute!
    I love the way you put yourself out instead of selling an image of being perfect.
    This way I can relate to your human side: you are like me… there are things that are really hard to do, and seeing you that I respect so much with some human difficulties and giving the hints from a place of being there and overcoming, in my humble opinion gives a much bigger value to your words and it lands here in my heart in a totally different and deeper way…
    Thank you for making such a difference in the world…


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