Everyone has their own unique soul’s journey.

You may not understand it and you may not agree with it.

It doesn’t really matter. It’s their soul’s journey.

Perhaps you love and care for your child, grandchild, spouse, friend so much that you don’t want them to suffer in any way. And so you end up doing too much to help them.

Or feeling over responsible for them, where you have a tendency to take on and do for them what they should be doing for themselves. In doing so, you think that you are helping them, but you really are not.

It’s great to love and care about people, but when you are over responsible you disempower those around you.

You are actually robbing them of their own soul’s journey and their opportunity to learn the necessary lessons they need to in order to become the highest version of themselves.

We do this out of love, but real love doesn’t enable, real love empowers.

When you are being over responsible, you are actually communicating to them that you don’t fully believe and trust in them. If you did, you would trust in their capacity to handle their life, or at least support them in taking responsibility for it.

If you really love a person, allow them to learn the lessons that their soul is needing to learn from the situation they are in, and let them handle it. Give them space rather than interfering.

You can encourage, love and support, but you don’t serve their soul’s growth by doing for them what they need to do for themselves. This just makes them dependent.

Strangely enough, we sometimes aren’t always aware that we are being over responsible because it’s a way for us to feel needed, important or worthy. For some of us, this is how we learned to get a sense of love growing up as children.

Empowering them is to let them face the consequences of their own actions and stand on their own two feet.

It is to let them clean up their mess, step up and decide what they will do.

They might be upset and angry at you in the moment, but they will thank you in the future.

Don’t buy into their smallness, see their greatness and invite them to live into it.

To truly see who another really is, is the greatest gift you can give them, as well as the greatest service.

I see you.

Ultimately, those you love in your life don’t belong to you, they belong to Life. In the deepest sense, they aren’t your responsibility, they are the Universe’s.

So trust the Universe.

Let go.

Trust life.



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8 comments on “How To Stop Being Over Responsible For Others

  1. Bela on

    Dear Kute Blackson!

    You couldn’t make it better. You couldn’t say better.
    You help me so much, because this is not only pshilogy perpective.

    Thank you from all of my heart.

    • Yvonne O'Brien on

      Thank you, this is a message I needed to hear. On both ends of the spectrum. The receiving and the giving. Just got caught up in my own ego. Called it love, we truly do try and succeed in lying to ourselves. We all need a kick in the_____, once in a while.
      Love and blessings
      Yvonne O’Brien

  2. Adrina on

    This message is so amazing and I had to share it on FB for others who need to learn this process. Life teaches us the very exact topics you discuss but sometimes people need to hear it from an outside perspective to accept it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Zora on

    Thank you for this blog – this is a very big issue for many people, but especially the “natural nurturers” among us, ie. most women 🙂 I cannot count how many times I have gone through this very scenario with so many people in my life, until I realized that this worrying over someone else’s “fate” was really my ego trying to control yet another thing it had no business with. 🙂 In fact, it usually turned out better when I let them get on with life…freeing all that worry energy to become something more positive, just as you said!


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