The happy ending is overrated.

What about the happy now?

Forget dying and going to some blissful heaven.

Forget retiring and finally enjoying your life.

Forget about when you are enlightened and how good it will supposedly feel.

This moment is special. This is it.

Yet we often wait for some special occasion or reason to celebrate.

We often spend our lives striving to get to some destination that we think will make us happy.

Even when you get there is it all that it was promised to be?

What are you waiting for to be different in your life?

Waiting leads to suffering.

Beliefs that are Happiness Killers:

1- The journey needs to be suffering, struggle or hard.

2- Something needs to be different, in order for you to be happy.

3- Life owes you something.

4- You should be different than you are: “More pretty, skinnier, richer, etc”

5- The life you have now was not meant to be your life.

Bottomline, one of the greatest happiness killers is the belief that “The experience I am having IS NOT the experience that I should be having.”

Right now, let go of the of the way you think your life should be or the way you thought your life should have turned out.  Or how you dreamed it was going to be when you were twelve.

Accept that this is your life right now.

Accept it.

This is how it is NOW. And now is all you have.

When you accept that this is your life, today then you can start appreciating the richness available to you now. And since what you focus on will expand, you will manifest more of that richness.

When you stay stuck in regret of the life you should have had, you end up missing the beauty of what you do have.

So the life you have is the life you were meant to have, but not the life that you need to continue having from this moment onwards, if you choose otherwise.

You cannot have the life you want by focusing on the life you wished you had but don’t.

Forgive yourself. Forgive those you feel wronged you. Then fully embrace the life you have, in order to create the life you truly want.

As you embrace the life you have, you can savor every single moment. Not waiting for something special to happen.

No new years.

No Valentines.

No retirement.

No wedding.

No bonus.

Just now.


Take your best dress out of the closet and wear it.

Take your best plate out of the cupboard and use it.

Take your best loving off of the shelf and share it.

Take your mind off of control and lose it.

Happiness is the way not simply a destination to get to.

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P.P.S. What’s one thing you can do right now in your life to connect to your inner happiness?

6 comments on “The Happy Ending is Overrated

  1. Patricia Biesen on

    Wonderful post! I’m going to live by these. The closing remarks reminded me of a friend of mine in high school who bought this expensive perfume she really wanted. She never used it because she didn’t want to waste it and it ended up drying up after some time. I doubt she ever wore it more than a few times. Let’s wear our best perfume today!

  2. Nathan Martin EFT on

    I LOVE this post! I have been experiencing the moment more and more lately, as a result of using EFT to clear out all of my past childhood traumas and limiting beliefs. I will add the limiting beliefs that you listed as items to tap on! Thank you Kute! 😉

  3. Tracey on

    Love this as usual. You post seem to reflect what I am processing in my life. Thank you for providing a footpath to personal freedom. Love it and you!


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