If you think you F*#ked up God’s plan for your life, rest assured, you are not that powerful.

Just because you don’t understand how your life is unfolding, doesn’t mean it isn’t working out perfectly.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself and beat yourself up thinking you shouldn’t be where you are. But this doesn’t serve anything.

Be compassionate with yourself and learn the lessons that you need to learn from the situation.

When your life falls apart, it’s easy to go into fear, contract and collapse. The tendency you might have is to lose faith, panic, and hold onto to the life that you have created.

When your life falls apart, it’s easy to see it as bad, but what if it was a blessing in disguise. Consider that the universe is clearing away whatever is no longer in alignment with your highest good and making space for your bigger blessings.

Trust that even in those very moments, the Universe is working things out on your behalf.

Trust that you can handle whatever situation you are in, and you wouldn’t be facing it if you weren’t ready.

Trust that Life is just inviting you to grow, reinvent yourself and become a more authentic version of yourself.

So surrender AND focus on what you can control. Focus on taking the actions that are in your power rather than all the things that aren’t. You don’t get to control life’s circumstances, but you do have the power to control your response.

Dare to let go of the life you have in order to embrace the life you truly desire.

Trust Life.



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9 comments on “How To Deal With Difficult Times

  1. Sloane on

    Thank You Kute!!
    As always you spoke about what my soul needed to hear at this moment.

    Big Love to you and blessings!!
    I also am sharing this with a few friends who really need to hear this video.

  2. Stacey on

    Hi Kute. It never ceases to amaze me that your blogs come at the exact moment I am questions that particular subject. Today’s blog was just another one of those Universe messages. I am being challenged and I’m aware of how I react to this challenge. I’m also aware that I have more work to do on myself to conquer this challenge and surrendering is some of that work – also patience, trust, faith, and letting go. Just when I think I have it worked out the Mighty Universe shows me I am not quite done yet. Thank you for this reminder Kute! I love that you mentioned surrender and how things are in our life for a reason. Not judging them is the toughest part as a human being. But every step I take forward is one lesson that is complete. I also try hard to have no expectations – as I do not always know what is best for me and my control may not be what the Universe has in store for me. SURRENDER! Thank you!


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