If your partner cheats on you, it is undoubtedly deeply painful.

To feel your heart and trust betrayed is a difficult thing to recover from.

So does that automatically mean the end of your relationship?

Consider this:

Relationship is a profound path of personal growth, and spiritual evolution.

You attracted your partner because your souls have certain things to teach each other. The purpose of relationship is to serve each other’s soul growth, learn those lessons, and become the most authentic version of yourself.

So if you understand the real purpose of relationship, then you also understand that inevitably your issues will come up in the relationship, in order to be worked on.

You are both human beings with “stuff”.

It’s not about if but how you deal with and work through those issues that make the difference.

Because your partner cheats doesn’t automatically mean your relationship is over.

There are several important things to deeply consider:

You must consider if you both still deeply love each other, and feel the deep connection and desire to still stay together, serve each other’s growth and work through the issues that have come up.

Since you attracted each other to learn lessons, do you feel you are complete with the lessons? Remember, all lessons are repeated until fully learned.

You must also consider if cheating is a habitual reoccurring pattern in the relationship. If it’s a regular thing then you need to take an honest look at this. It is showing you a bigger unresolved issue that your partner needs to deal with and resolve. And having love, and forgiveness for your partner won’t be enough for your relationship to work. The lesson may be to love yourself by walking away.

But if it is totally out of character and the only time it has occurred, and on top of this your partner is honest with you, willing to take full responsibility, ready to do the deep inner work to heal what caused his/her cheating, and willing to do whatever it takes with you to rebuild the sacred trust that was broken, then you stand a chance, if you both choose, to work on making your relationship work.

It’s sometimes easy to get stuck in being a victim and blaming them for wronging you. This only disempowers you and keeps you stuck.

However, if you are willing to learn from your experience, even this devastating moment can become a portal to a deeper level of healing with yourself, recreating your relationship, and transforming all your relationships in the future.

Your partners cheating will force you to look at yourself. Relationship is a mirror. The partner you attract to you is a mirror manifestation of yourself. You attract to you a partner that reflects to you the aspects of yourself that you most need to heal, love, integrate, and make peace with.

So, what is your partner reflecting to you about yourself?

When you take responsibility for your part, you set yourself free.

You can’t control what already happened in the past, but you can choose to learn from the experience, to forgive your partner as well as yourself, and make self-loving choices moving forward.

Remember that the real purpose of relationship is to grow and evolve.

And the greatest growth is to love.

Don’t let what happened stop you from loving in the present or the future.

When you love, no one can take that away from you. You are the one that opened your heart and loved, and you are the one that is blessed.

When you love, you are free.



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3 comments on “What To Do If Your Partner Cheats?

  1. Patricia Tramble on

    I don’t think another is a reflection of yourself, a good person is a person. What I do believe is that a person may have unresolved issues from childhood/past that have not been dealt with. Unconsciously, you may be trying to fix something within yourself or an experience that was once out of your control and prove your worth within a relationship. Cheating destroys that goal. Sometimes healing requires you to be alone to become healthy and make healthy choices. Wholeness should ALWAYS be the goal. No one should betray themselves. This is the sin one comments against himself.

  2. Amol on

    The biggest reason for cheating is a lack of emotional connection or the feeling that you’re not appreciated by your partner as much as you deserve. Anyone could resort to cheating as a way to getting everything they lack where they are person even if it means going out of the relationship to achieve that. From an evolutionary perspective, a tendency for an individual to commit an infidelity stems from an attempt to increase the reproductive success at the expense of their partners.


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