Holiday season can be one of the most challenging and intense times of the year.

As much as you may love them, one of the most difficult things can be spending extended time with family members.

It’s sometimes those that you love and have the most history with are the ones who are able to trigger you the most and push your buttons.

There’s a saying, “If you want to see how enlightened you are, spend the weekend with family”.

Consider this: Your family members are also souls on a journey dealing with their own lessons in this lifetime. You attracted each other’s souls because there are certain lessons you have to work out. And that the family members who challenge you the most are actually your greatest spiritual teachers and growth opportunities.

They are angels in disguise, forcing you to put into practice your spiritual knowledge and live your deepest truth.

What really matters is the loving, and the holiday season is an opportunity for you to love bigger.

Every interaction is simply an invitation to stay focused on the loving.

As you gather for the holidays with many diverse members of your family, you will likely have differences in opinion and belief.

If you get caught up and focus on your differences, it will likely create suffering, frustration and a sense of separation.

Instead, seek to understand another person’s reality. Do your best to put yourself into their shoes and really understand where they are coming from, even if you don’t agree.

Making people wrong serves nothing.

And spending your time and energy to prove how right you are will leave you empty and unfulfilled. All it does is create a wall between you and the other.

To understand another person’s perspective that differs from yours, requires you to expand, take the focus off of yourself and check your ego at the door.

The more attached you are to your ego the more threatened you are by opposing viewpoints.

It requires that you open your mind, be more compassionate and expand your capacity for loving. Those with a difference of opinion give you the opportunity to practice being more loving.

So this holiday season, rather than be righteous or attached to protecting your viewpoint…. cultivate curiosity. Ask questions. Find out how and why they came to see life that way.

It’s by doing this that you can build a bridge to the other person. By building a bridge, you have a way to communicate and likely they will be more open and receptive to hearing your opinions in return.

This holiday season, the greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to love them unconditionally.

So BE the gift that you wish to receive.

I wish you and your family the best holiday season ever!



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3 comments on “How To Stay Sane During Holiday Season

  1. Trisha on

    Great advice. Thank you Kute. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a family where there is no drama and we enjoy our time together!!!

  2. Grateful on

    Really great vlog – at the right time. Alot of us experience dramas at Christmas time with family members: this is when the Ego pain body acts up the most. Kute’s vlog here is really helpful for those who of us who are trying to heal pain that is triggered at this time of year. It is ironic that Christmas, a spiritual Festival to celebrate the arrival of the bringer of the Light – would thus also trigger into the Light, so much suppressed buried unresolved pain that hides itself inside people within families. Thank you for your vlog. Blessings and grateful.


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